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Powered by Storm Ballistic Virus Killer

As part of our ongoing commitment to deep sanitisation cleaning and keeping our workforces safe across Wales, we have recently invested in the Storm Ballistic virus killer machine, developed by leading cleaning technology designers, Motorscrubber.  This state-of-the art machinery disinfects surfaces while killing viruses at the same time.  Powered by MotorScrubber’s Backpack Technology, the Storm is the ultimate floor cleaning, wall cleaning, disinfecting, on-the-go package for combating the Coronavirus. It gives us the freedom to quickly disinfect all common touch points and other surfaces with a light but effective spray, reducing the risk of cross infection.


The Storm is designed specifically for disinfecting common touch points in the fight against coronavirus and other viral pathogens. The aim is to help prevent virus transmission by ensuring key areas are deeply sanitised using alcohol-based sanitisers which have been developed to stop the spread of germs on a variety of surfaces.  This said, in addition to a deep sanitisation clean, there many other measures business owners can take to keep all viruses at bay, including regular cleaning of the key areas as listed below and encouraging employee and other visitors to their premises to act responsibly.


While each facility that we clean is different, we focus on areas where a lot of people tend to congregate, for example, offices, conference rooms, canteens/cafeterias, locker rooms and reception areas.  We will also cover all hygiene facilities such as shower rooms, hand- washing stations as well as dispensaries like medical and first aid stations, emergency shower and eyewash stations.

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Following a deep sanitisation clean, the areas highlighted above should be cleaned at least daily and, if possible, between shifts. The general guideline is that the more people in contact with tough points and surfaces, the more frequently that surface should be cleaned. If you want to find out more about JDK Cleaning’s Deep Sanitisation clean, then call us today.

  • Desktops and all work surfaces

  • Doorknobs and door handles

  • Light switches and dimmer switches

  • Computer monitors, keyboards, mice

  • Tablets and laptops

  • Telephone equipment

  • All chair rests and arms

  • Canteen tables and chairs, crockery, trays and cutlery

  • Sinks, taps and kitchen areas

  • Toilets, including all surfaces

  • Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines

  • Lifts and their doors and buttons

  • Floors, carpets and upholstery cleans. 

Specialist Service:

While most of us understand the importance of sanitising workplace bathrooms and kitchens, it can be easy to dismiss other areas within commercial environments that are also prone to bacteria and germs. Throughout COVID-19, touch points have become a cause for concern and now extra should be taken in cleaning desks, chairs, handles, telephones, keyboards and desktop materials.

Deep Sanitisation

Businesses across Wales are now starting to increase the frequency of their cleaning procedures and we’re receiving high demand for our deep sanitisation cleans. This is down to the sharp rise of awareness in office cleanliness. Now, more than ever, business owners understand the requirement to effectively clean and treat surfaces where human contact may provide a reservoir for the viral spread of COVID-19. 

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Why Choose JDK?

At JDK, we’ve always provided the essential service of deep cleans to both regular and intermittent customers. It’s important to note that deep sanitisation cleans are exactly that; a very thorough sanitisation using industrial standard cleaning products which kill germs and viruses and deter their spread. Once the clean is complete, we provide checklists of areas cleaned and sanitised for future reference.

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Specialist Sectors

No matter the sector, JDK Cleaning can offer professional commercial cleaning solutions, bespoke to industry requirements. Our comprehensive cleaning services guarantee lasting impressions and a clean, safe and hygienic working environment at all times.


We know we’re up there with the very best in commercial cleaning, but don’t just take our word for it.


Trusted, Recommended.

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Our Team

High standards are of great importance to us, and we recognise that great people are needed if we are to raise the industry standards for commercial and specialist cleaning. Our fully trained cleaning teams are reference checked, fully vetted and cleared to work within the UK and frequent training is provided to ensure we’re consistently delivering on our quality standard promise.


Approachable, friendly and reliable, we pride ourselves on our workforce – an energetic and engaging team of individuals who personally tailor the cleaning experience for each and every client. Nothing is a step too much for our professional teams, who will always be more than happy to support in any way required.


With your success at the forefront of our operations, our dedicated cleaners will ensure your premises are always sparkling clean, creating those lasting first impressions as they deliver a service and standard you can always trust.  

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