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Maintenance Tips to Keep your Commercial Flooring Clean this Summer

Lab 4If you’re running a successful business, then the chances are you are growing in size.  This does not necessarily mean that your actual building is increasing by square footage, but by the number of people walking in and out of it on a daily basis.

Extra foot traffic can be a tremendous burden on the floors of a commercial premises, especially in warmer summer months when people are out and about more often.

JDK Cleaning is a specialist commercial floor and carpet cleaning company and our team has come up with some preventative maintenance tips to make sure your company’s floors stay in quality shape, even during times of high traffic.

Keeping refinished floors clean

Wash down floors and apply a fresh coat of quality floor finish before your building gets too busy, if possible. This extra protective coat will help prepare floors for increased use and protect against stains, scuffs and scratches.

If you don’t have the equipment or time to do this yourself, then a specialist floor and carpet cleaning company like JDK Cleaning can help.

Sweep outside

The dirt that gets tracked into your facility starts outside. Be sure to sweep up leaves, mud and debris from the entrance to keep it from getting inside.

Clean your carpets

Although most companies dread getting the carpets cleaned, it is a crucial step to prevent wear and tear during the summer season.

Schedule carpets to be professionally cleaned to prevent contaminants from saturating carpet fibres. This proactive measure can also improve indoor air quality.

August is a great month to get your commercial carpets cleaned as more people tend to be away during the school holidays plus there’s a better chance of finer weather to enable carpets to dry out more quickly.

At JDK Cleaning we have recently invested in a new, powerful, high-tech carpet soil extractor machine, the Prochem Endeavor.  This machine includes a state-of-the-art extractor with high airflow, matching the performance of a small truck mount unit. The Endeavor enables us to provide fast high power portable carpet cleaning with the flexibility to reduce solution pressure which can be adjusted for smaller jobs.

Invest in mats

Floors can take a brutal beating during inclement weather conditions or through heavy footfall. To prevent water and mud from staining your wood, tile or carpets, place mats in all entryways.

In addition to protecting against rain, mats will capture sand, dirt and other soiling and prevent them from tarnishing the building.  It’s advisable to invest in quality, commercial, non-slip mats to prevent accidents and for improved durability.

Commercial Flooring  maintenance

Finally, your commercial cleaning company should carry out regular floor maintenance. Routine maintenance will help identify cracks and other defects in your flooring. Getting these issues fixed immediately will help avoid injuries to customers and also damage to your building.

By investing in a preventative maintenance plan, costly problems can be avoided before they happen.

If your commercial cleaning company is unable to offer this service, then call JDK Cleaning today on the number below for a free quote.

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