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Care Home Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation in Swansea

Over the Easter weekend, JDK Cleaning has carried out an urgent deep clean and sanitisation service at an empty local-authority care home in Sketty.  This was a short-notice project which, due to our capacity to bring in experienced cleaners at the last minute, we completed in just three days.

The company was approached by a commercial cleaning company in Newport to carry out this local clean. The team at JDK Cleaning was happy to carry out this work as part of the ongoing strategy of working with similar organisations to deliver deep cleans and sanitisation services whilst the affect of COVID-19 continues to grow.

Deep cleaning and sanitisation cleans are just one of the key services offered by JDK Cleaning. To achieve the highest possible standards the company we have invested in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment combined with industry recommended cleaning products in line with environmental guidelines.

Care Home Cleaning Check List

In addition to one-off, deep and sanitisation cleans, JDK Cleaning regularly delivers a commercial cleaning service to a number of care home across South West Wales.  We follow a stringent checklist when cleaning all our customers’ premises, and care homes in particular where the residents tend to more vulnerable to the spread of infection at any time.   Our checklist is geared to help minimise the spread of germs and infections the daily cleaning of the following:

  1. Doors, door frames and skirting boards

  2. Light switches, all fittings and lampshades

  3. Flooring and carpets

  4. Windows including sills and frames

  5. All kitchen areas

  6. Handrails

  7. Essential, re-usable equipment such as hoists and wheelchairs

  8. Extractor fans

  9. All areas of bathrooms

Importantly, we always use  a colour coding system of cleaning equipment and materials to avoid cross contamination.

JDK Cleaning

As media reports continue to highlight the issues facing care homes in terms of battling against the spread of coronavirus, a deep, sanitisation clean can go a long way to help to control the spread of germs in this setting.  To find out more, call us on the number below:

Deep sanitisation clean



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