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Deep Cleaning Your School Over the Summer Holidays

The Summer holidays are just around the corner, representing a well-earned rest for both pupils and staff.

And when your school is empty you have the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean those places that are impossible to clean on a day-to-day basis. A commercial deep clean is the perfect way to supplement regular cleaning practices in schools of all types, ages and sizes.

Why is a school deep-clean so important?

With so many pairs of feet hurrying up and down corridors and bustling in and out of classrooms, schools naturally accumulate dirt and debris over time. Toilets, staff rooms, canteens and office equipment also take a heavy hit through catering for such large numbers of people for extended periods of time.

And, aside from the highly obvious and visible issue of an untidy appearance, a school that is left too long between proper deep-cleans can harbour hidden health hazards to both staff and pupils. Densely populated environments like schools are a minefield when it comes to the spread of illness, and accumulating dust in carpets can trigger allergies. So, ensuring that the school is thoroughly cleaned ready for the new academic year is important for everybody’s well being.

With very little time available for extensive cleaning during term time, taking advantage of an empty school over the Summer holidays is a great idea. This way, every nook and cranny can be properly cleaned with no danger of pupils or staff slipping on wet floors or tripping over cleaning equipment.

What Does a School Deep Clean Involve?

The level of deep clean required will depend on the needs of your school and can always be tailored accordingly, but these are the main areas covered by a thorough deep-cleaning project carried out by JDK Cleaning:

  1. Classroom carpets shampooed and vacuumed

  2. Toilets deep-cleaned and disinfected

  3. Kitchens and canteens deep cleaned

  4. Parquet floors cleaned and polished

  5. Sports hall and corridor floors scrubbed, cleaned and polished

  6. Office areas cleaned including desks, monitors and keyboards

What is the Impact of a Deep Clean on the School?

A well-kept school provides a healthy and worry-free learning environment which will have positive effects on everything from the pupils and staff to the reputation of the school itself.

Coming back to a clean, pleasant working environment will impact positively on the morale and productivity of your staff and teachers, who will be able to take pride in their school and feel comfortable during the working day. This is particularly important in this trying time of budget cuts and increasing workloads, which can impact on morale.

Pupils need to be kept happy and healthy to ensure maximum attendance. A clean school provides a comfortable, hygienic learning environment where they can feel safe and cared for. With clean desks, hygienic toilets and happy teachers, your pupils have a much better chance at reaching their full potential when attending a school that they, too, can take pride in.

All schools rely on good reputations to attract parents and pupils, so maintaining high standards of cleanliness is essential. Word of mouth from parents and staff along with the results of inspections can work wonders for the perception of your school if you present a well-kept building at all times.

With such tight budgets to work to, schools cannot afford to replace IT equipment, kitchen equipment and carpets on a regular basis. It makes sense, therefore, to keep them well looked after to avoid expensive replacements or wasted time on temporary repairs.

Why Choose JDK Cleaning?

JDK Cleaning has direct experience of school cleaning, from daily tasks to periodical deep-cleans, but we also offer a great deal more.

Flexibility is key and we provide a bespoke service for every school we work with based on their individual requirements. We understand that schools often need to be careful with their limited budgets, so we’re here to ease some of that pressure by tailoring our services to suit the funds available.

We are also able to assist schools that have just had extensions built through our after-build cleaning specialist team.

If your school needs a deep-clean ready for the start of the new term, for a free quote, call us today on the number below or email us at

School Deep Clean


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