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How JDK Cleaning is Helping the Tourism to Get-Restarted

With some tourism businesses given the go-ahead to re-open before Easter, Welsh Government has issued guidance entitled: Keep Wales Safe: guidance for tourism and hospitality. This document states that employers and tourism operators have a legal responsibility to protect employees and visitors; and anyone else on the premises, from risks to their health and safety.

It also advises businesses to assess the risks from COVID-19 and take reasonable measures to minimise exposure to the virus. Read full guidance here.

JDK Cleaning’s Storm Ballistic Virus Killer

At JDK Cleaning, we are working with a number of clients in the tourism sector, including the popular Trecco Bay in Porthcawl, to help them to get ready for opening and that includes deep sanitisation cleaning using our Storm Ballistic Virus Killer machine.

Developed by leading cleaning technology designers, Motorscrubber, this state-of-the art machinery disinfects surfaces while killing viruses at the same time. The Storm is the ultimate disinfecting, on-the-go package for combatting viruses like Coronavirus. It gives us the freedom to quickly disinfect all common touch points and other surfaces with a light but effective spray, reducing the risk of cross infection.

The Storm is designed specifically for disinfecting common touch points to help prevent virus transmission by ensuring key areas are deeply sanitised using alcohol-based sanitisers which have been developed to stop the spread of germs on a variety of surfaces.

Deep Sanitisation of Key Touch Points

In addition to a deep sanitisation clean, there many other measures tourism business owners can take to keep all viruses at bay, including regular cleaning of the key areas as listed below and encouraging employee and other visitors to their premises to act responsibly.

  • Doorknobs and door handles

  • Light switches and dimmer switches

  • All chair rests and arms

  • Tables and chairs, crockery, trays and cutlery

  • Sinks, taps and kitchen areas

  • Bathrooms and toilets, including all surfaces

  • Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines

  • Communal areas (including all the above) as well as shower blocks

  • Private offices (including IT equipment and phones)

Contact JDK Cleaning

If you’re a business owner working in the tourism industry, let us help you to get re-opened safely. There are many reasons, why JDK Cleaning is the first-choice commercial cleaning company among many leisure and hospitality businesses, including the fact that we don’t tie you into a long-term contract. Find out more here.

To get a free quote, just fill in a form on the contact page of our website here and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on the number below:



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