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Specialist Cleaning Services for Wedding Venues

JDK Cleaning offers a specialist commercial cleaning services for wedding venues including before and after the wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening event.

In fact, we have been delivering this service at the Oldwalls Collection in the Gower for the past five years and we have recently completed an after-build clean at their new venue, San Ffraed House in Abergavenny, ahead of their first wedding this summer.

JDK’s Wedding Venue Cleaning Service

We offer this specialist service because we know that wedding venue owners have so much on their plates when it comes to making a wedding go smoothly, that the last thing they want to think about is whether their premises is cleaned to the highest standards.

Importantly, as many venues host weddings on consecutive days, then a quick turn around of cleaning is vital. At JDK Cleaning, we are able to offer a round-the-clock service so that a venue can be sparkling, gleaming and ready to go early the next day.

Our service includes sweeping, mopping and hoovering floors, ensuring all confetti is completely removed. We will clean windows and glass doors, chairs and tables and all bathroom facilities too. If a venue also offers overnight accommodation, we can turn these cleans around quickly too ready for the arrival of the next set of guests.

Why Choose JDK Cleaning?

At JDK Cleaning we employ our own cleaners and have exceptional staff retention rates as we pay our cleaners above the minimum wage and have a bonus incentive to encourage employees to work to the highest standards at all times.

What’s more, we have invested in Ezitracker attendance verification software which is designed to monitor the hours worked by our cleaners at different sites. The software provides real-time verified reports on the actual hours worked at customers’ sites which is seamlessly integrated into the payroll system so that the actual hours worked are accurately matched against contracted hours.

We also appreciate the importance of demonstrating our commitment to health and safety and to this end we have actively attained CHAS accreditation. Not only does CHAS improve a contractors’ own health and safety practices but it also gives buyers confidence in our own standards and abilities.

To avoid cross contamination, at JDK Cleaning we have in place a number of measures to prevent cross-contamination including colour-coded cloths for different areas. We use eco-friendly cleaning products along with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, including a commercial carpet cleaning machine to get those stubborn drink stains out of the carpets!

Contact JDK Cleaning

If you want to take the headache out of your wedding venue cleaning schedule, then call us today on

and a member of out team will visit your venue for a free quote.



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