New Contract FREE Deep Clean Offer

At the start of all new commercial cleaning contracts 8 hours or more per week, the team at JDK Cleaning is offering a FREE Deep clean of your premises before the contract starts.

This is because we value our customers commitment and like to demonstrate from the word go the kind of quality and standards you can expect from JDK Cleaning.

What’s Included in our FREE Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning usually involves moving items of office furniture, cleaning and sterilising kitchens and washroom area and high-level cleaning in hard-to-reach areas where dirt can accumulate.

Depending on the premises, the exact requirements of a deep clean will vary but here is our standard deep-clean check list:

  • Thorough cleaning of all non-carpeted floors or hoovering of all carpets (including moving furniture if necessary)
  • Cleaning of areas that often pick up dirt such as light switches, door handles and skirting boards.
  • Kitchen cupboards and fridge emptied and scrubbed.
  • Kitchen sink and work surfaces cleaned and appliances cleaning inside
  • Toilet/shower facilities cleaned, and mirrors left sparkling.
  • Chairs vacuumed or wiped.
  • Cleaning of vents, window ledges and other areas where dust accumulates.
  • Removal of mildew or limescale.
  • Sanitisation of computer equipment: headsets, telephones, keyboards and so on.

Point of Contact

Our commercial deep clean offer includes supervision by a dedicated cleaning supervisor who will ensure that work is carried out to your requirements and to JDK Cleaning’s high standards.

We will arrange your FREE deep clean at a time to suit you including outside of normal operating hours to minimise disruption and improve efficiency.

For a free commercial cleaning quote, please fill in the form below or call us today on 01792 686524:

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