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New Year 2023 - Time for a New Cleaning Contract

We all make a number of resolutions at the start of the New Year and that includes discerning business owners who are looking to make improvements across their organisation. Reviewing your cleaning contract is one step you can take, particularly if your current cleaning company isn’t delivering the standards they promised at the start of the contract.

At JDK Cleaning we understand that this is not a decision that can be taken lightly, particularly as it’s not always easy to find the best commercial cleaning company who are able to meet your specific needs. So, to help you make the right choice, we’ve come up with the key factors you should consider when reviewing your New Year cleaning contract.

Hire a Local, Independent Company

Many national cleaning companies have enough funds to create enticing advertising to hook you into their brand and promises. However, you will never get the same level of service from a national company as you will from a local one.

What’s more, national contracts often start off at a certain fee but then come the hidden costs which are added on as time goes on. You should also be wary of franchised businesses who claim to be locally owned. This fact may be true, but they still have royalty fees and higher operating expenses which can mean less hours for cleaning. You will get far better value by hiring a local, independent commercial cleaning company. Their operating costs tend to be lower and they also more likely to employee their own cleaners rather than sub-contracted employees.

You should always check the credentials of your local commercial cleaning company. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from existing customers and check their online reputation too. Ensure they have robust control processes in place such as communication books, spot checks and tracking software to monitor the working hours of the cleaners. Finally, check that they have experience of working within your industry sector and have any essential accreditations.

Set a Sensible Budget

Don’t be unrealistic with your commercial cleaning budget. There are essential areas of your business that you need to invest in alongside your staff, premises and equipment and ensuring you have a clean and germ-free environment is one of them.

It’s not rocket science! The less you are prepared to pay, the lower the amount of cleaning hours you will get. Work out in advance how many hours you think you need to get your business premises up to standard and discuss these when you meet with potential cleaning contractors. They will have a very clear idea of how many hours you actually do need to achieve your objectives. Don’t be taken in by those who agree with everything you say, expect to be challenged with realistic hours and costs; this way you won’t be disappointed in the longer term.

Happy New Year from JDK Cleaning

We hope these three tips help you to make the right decision when you come to making that all important New Year cleaning contract change in 2023.

We are a local cleaning contractor with a reputation for delivery excellent cleaning standards along with exceptional customer service – read more here.

This New Year we have already taken on a number of new contracts from local businesses, including Express Metals in Llansamlet, who understand the importance of have a professional yet local commercial cleaning company appointed to keep their premises sparkling clean.

To find out more, call us today on 01792 696524.


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