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Advice to Students on Getting your Bond Back

It’s nearly the end of the academic year with student exams set to start next month. It probably seems a long time since you (or your parents) paid that money for your housing deposit; in fact, it probably doesn’t feel like real money any more.  But this bond could come in very useful when it comes to paying the deposit for your next year’s student housing or even to tide you over during the summer holidays.An importa

nt point to note is that, if you’ve caused significant damage that clearly isn’t general wear and tear, the likelihood is that you won’t get all of your bond back.

With direct experience in helping students to get their bond back, the team at JDK Cleaning in Swansea has come up with advice on how you can avoid a disastrous departure from your student digs!

Our Tips for Getting your Bond Back

You should start thinking about your departure around four to six weeks before you’re due to move out.

Tip 1 – Refer back to your photographs

Hopefully you will have taken photographs of the property right at the beginning of the year which you can refer back to when it’s time to leave. If you didn’t, you could try contacting your agency or landlord for the photographs that were taken to advertise the property. You can assess any damage or alterations that have occurred by comparing the state of the property to the photos. Make a note of everything that has changed and tick it off as you fix or clean it.

Tip 2 – Get fixing

If you’ve broken anything in the house, it might be worth getting it fixed, or replacing it if it’s not too expensive, before moving out. This normally works out cheaper than what your landlord may charge you. For example, broken blinds are quite cheap to replace or repair, so it would probably be cheaper to do it yourself. You could even ask your landlord or agency (confirm if they would charge for this first) to check the condition of the house prior to the checkout date, so that they can let you know about anything that they would charge you for, and roughly how much it would cost.

Tip 3 – Clean Up

You can either treat yourself to some of those glamorous washing up gloves with the fur-trimmed ends and get into cleaning mode or you can employ the services of a specialist cleaning company for a one-off student clean.  The advantage of using a commercial cleaning company is that they will most definitely clean the property to far higher standards than you and your roomies. What’s more, they will present you with an invoice that you can show the landlord or letting agency that you are committed to handing over the property in tip top condition.  You may be paying the cleaning cost up front, but this is a small investment for a big return (ie your full bond).

JDK Cleaning

We hope this advice helps all those students out there who are panicking about getting their bond back to take some positive steps to ensure that they do.

JDK Cleaning offers a cost-effective student accommodation cleaning service which can be booked at short-notice.  Our aim is to help you to get back as much of your bond as possible by cleaning your digs to the highest possible standards.

Call us today on the number below for a free quote:

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