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After build clean and sparkle for Kier Construction

In July 2017, JDK Cleaning was contracted by Kier Construction to carry out an after-build and sparkle clean at the Grove Building at Swansea University.  The Grove is science lab that Kier has recently rebuilt including the integration of the

most modern scientific technology.

Due to the nature of the building, the after-build clean needed to be finely detailed as we had to continually eliminate the layers of dust generated through the refurbishment work as well as ensuring all areas of the lab were cleaned to precise levels.

There were a number of trades involved in the project, including the specialist teams who installed the lab equipment.  So as a company, JDK Cleaning needed to be flexible and responsive, accommodating work outside of the original contracted hours, carrying out regular spot walk-arounds of the site and holding daily planning meetings with the contractors and the client.

As a functioning, teaching lab, one of the key installations was safety flooring which also needed to be entirely dust free.  To achieve the standards required, we recommended the use of a specialist floor cleaning machine called a scrubber-dryer which left the floors spotless and free of all dust particles and other debris.

Other specific requirements included the removal of all pencil markings around the installations of key equipment like gas taps using safe chemicals and cleaning inside and outside of the fume cupboards which are used to store toxic and flammable products.

Says Lowri Bennett, Kier Construction QS, who oversees all the company’s projects at Swansea University: “JDK Cleaning had come highly recommended to us as a professional and responsive commercial cleaning company.  The team understood the specific needs of this specialist project straight away and, importantly, were able to offer the flexibility we required by working around the construction work.  We were also very impressed with their knowledge of the equipment required to ensure a dust free environment for cleaning a functioning lab.”



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