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Are You Sure Your Cleaning Company is Doing a Good Job?

Most discerning business owners understand the importance of using the services of commercial cleaning company to keep their commercial premises clean.   Most people, when they find a cleaning company they are happy with, they just let the contract ride without any checks in place.  This is not a good idea as, if complacency has set in, your cleaners may be going through the motions rather than delivering the highest standards at all times.

To help you to have the peace of mind that your commercial cleaning company is doing a good job at all times,  the team at JDK Cleaning has come up with the following checklist for you to follow when considering the standards of cleanliness in the workplace:

Do the Cleaners Stick to a Schedule?

Do you know if the cleaners from your commercial cleaning company arrive on time, finish all the work as outlined in the contract and then leave once the work is completed to pre-determined standards?

Most contract cleaners will arrive early in the morning to get the premises cleaned before the start of business; or at the end of the day once the business has closed.  As such, it’s not always easy to keep track of their hours.

Ideally, you should use a commercial cleaning company which uses a tracking system, like the Ezitracker software we use at JDK Cleaning.  All our cleaners have to sign onto the software at the start and end of each shift so we have clear records of arrival and departure times as well as the number of hours worked.  These reports are sent to our customers each month so they too can see that our cleaners are working the agreed number of contracted hours.

Your cleaning company should also carry out sporadic spot checks with you, during opening hours, so you can address any issues you may have as well as monitoring the standards of cleanliness.

Do the Cleaners Leave the Cleaning Supplies Cupboard Clean and Tidy?

Most organisations have a stock cupboard for storing cleaning materials and equipment.   Depending on the type of contract you have in place, it should be the responsibility of the cleaners to keep this space clean and tidy and well stocked.   It may be that the contractor provides the equipment and materials though sometimes the clients prefers to order these themselves.   Either way, this storage space should be immaculate at all times (and if it’s not this could be a reflection of their standards in general).

Storing kit and chemicals safely is also important, and another reason why a clean and tidy storage cupboard is so important.

Do Your Cleaning Company Have the Right Equipment, Materials and Products to get the Job Done?

A professional cleaning company which takes pride in their standards at all times, will also have invested in the most appropriate equipment, materials and cleaning products to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

When checking the storage cupboard, take a look at the materials and products in there.  Do they use environmentally friendly disinfectants for example?  Are they using colour coded cloths for different areas of the workplace (and not the same cloths for washrooms and offices)?

The chances are that they bring their own equipment with them.  Again, it’s worth asking them what equipment they use and what for.

During these unprecedented times, cleaning companies need to have in place more robust measures than ever.  Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have invested in new equipment for example to help keep the coronavirus at bay.  For example, at JDK Cleaning we have invested in the Storm Ballistic Virus killer, which is state-of-the-art machinery designed to kill viruses on key touch points in any work environment.

Do your Employees Say the Workplace is Clean?

Many reports on workplace cleanliness state that a clean workplace is conducive to higher levels of productivity.   So, if your employees complain regularly about the dirty toilets, dusty desks or grubby kitchens, then you have an issue on your hands.

In addition to visual checks, you can also check yourself that all surfaces and key touch points are clean and free of dust.  Just take a microfibre cloth or paper towel and wipe it across different surfaces to see how clean they are.

Check carpets in difficult to reach areas, look inside kitchen appliances such as microwaves or fridges to check that they have been cleaned.

Does your Cleaning Company Work Safely?

If your commercial cleaners are around whilst your business is operating, then  check that they carry out basic safety measures such as leaving wet floor signs after cleaning your floors and avoiding any trip hazards when using electrical equipment.

When it comes to commercial cleaning contracts on building sites or for post-refurbishment cleaning, check that your chosen company has all of the relevant safety accreditations to enable them to work safely on site such as CHAS and Constructionline.

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If any of these tips have left you concerned about your current cleaning contract, then why not call JDK Cleaning today for a free quote.  In addition to investing in Ezitracker software and new virus cleaning equipment, we carry out spot checks at all customers’ premises, we always use colour coded cloths and, importantly, we have all of the relevant safety accreditations for working on construction sites.

Just call us on the number below or visit our website for more details about our range of commercial cleaning services

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