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Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms & Fitness Centres

At JDK Cleaning, we have spent the last few weeks working with the team at

Celtic Leisure, cleaning specific surfaces and helping them to get their gyms and leisure centres ready to re-open from 10th August 2020.

Gym owners in particular need to put in robust cleaning measures to ensure that their fitness premises is ready to open in line with government guidelines for social distancing and cleaning practices.  So we thought it would be helpful to share what we have learned working with Celtic Leisure so other gyms can open and operate safely.

General Guidelines for Gyms & Fitness Centres

Gym should display posters (preferably those provided by Public Health Wales) to inform members and other visitors of the social distancing, cleaning strategies and hygiene processes which are being implemented in the facility.

Hand wipes and/or sanitisers should be made available to members along with signs directing people to where they can clean or wash their hands.   Similarly, cleaning materials should be provided for members to clean all equipment once used with clear instructions.

Signage should be in place indicating any one way systems which may be in place to maintain social distancing.

Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms & Fitness Centres

Extremely rigorous cleaning procedures will need to be place in all gyms to include equipment, machinery, frequently touched hot spots (eg door handles, light switches, entry system PIN buttons and barriers, chairs, counters, payment points etc.).

All machinery should be cleaned down by members (with instructions) and staff after every use or session, with recommended cleaning products designed to prevent the spread of viruses.  This should be in addition to the staff’s regularly cleaning schedule.

Equipment and touch points in studios used for classes (including mats, bar bells, etc) should be cleaned between each class either by the members with cloths provided or by staff.

If changing rooms, showers and toilets are available for members to use, then you need to take extra care in cleaning these areas as well as cleaning down customer touch points such as flush handles and taps.

Deep Sanitisation Clean

We also recommend that gyms and leisure centres have regular a deep sanitisation clean. This is to ensure all areas have been cleaned to the highest standard possible  in order to minimise the spread of any germs or viruses.

At JDK Cleaning, we have been using our Storm Ballistic Virus Killer to get many businesses deeply cleaned ahead of re-opening, including gyms and leisure centres, as well as for regular deep sanitisation cleans.   You can read more about our virus killer cleaning strategy here.

JDK Cleaning

If you need any further advice when it comes to getting your gym or leisure centre cleaned to Public Health Wales standards, then please call us on the number below:

Gyms & Fitness Centres


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