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Cleaning Up For the Best Retail Customer Experience

Since the lockdowns imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, more people than ever have resorted to shopping online for items ranging from cloths and household items to food and other daily essentials. So, for those retail outlets that still rely on footfall to keep their business going it’s crucially important to ensure their shop environment is welcoming to customers, and that includes keeping it clean.

We all know that first impressions count. That’s why it’s crucial that your shop front and entrance are sparkling clean as people enter for the first time. The areas you should focus on include windows, doors, floors and your displays. If there are cobwebs in the corner of your windows or dust particles lurking on your displays, customers will be put off and unlikely to come into the shop, let alone buy anything from you !!!

At JDK Cleaning in Swansea, we have extensive experience of providing a commercial cleaning service to retail outlets across the UK. These include after-build cleans, fit out cleans, regular deep cleaning and sanitising and on-going, retained contract cleaning. But what are the benefits of employing a commercial cleaning company to keep your retail customers coming through the doors?

Maximising the Customer Experience

Despite the increased popularity of internet shopping, there are still people who prefer the physical retail experience of actually visiting a shop and ‘touching’ the goods. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your floors and carpets are clean – as grubby carpets or muddy floors reflect directly on the perception of your products.

For example, exclusive clothes shops such as those offering wedding gowns or evening wear, often have carpets rather than hard flooring and these need to be pristine, not only to create a good impression but also to prevent the items customers are trying on don’t become marked or stained.

Similarly, changing rooms should be kept sparkling clean with mirrors gleaming and hooks and benches free of dust of the same reasons listed above.

When it comes to boutique shops for example, they tend to be filled to the brim with a choice of products for their customers to browse and enjoy. Imagine the impact of picking up an item which leaves a blotch of dust or grime on your hands. That could be the difference between a purchase or a disappointed customer leaving the shop.

Importantly, your staff should always look pristine and welcoming at all times too, and this should be part of the training and induction all staff have when they first join your retail team.

JDK Cleaning’s Top Retail Cleaning Tips

To help you to create this essential customer experience in your shop or boutique, the team at JDK Cleaning has come up with these tips for you and your staff to follow:

  • If you have hard flooring, then use floor mats at your shop entrance to keep walk-through dirt to a minimum. These mats are easier to clean on a regular basis and can be replaced at little cost if they become too shabby. When cleaning carpets and flooring, ensure you are using products that smell good (and which are not too heavy on the bleach). There’s nothing more off-putting than the strong smell of bleach as you enter any premises; and there’s nothing more enticing than the pleasant and welcoming odours of lemon or pine for example!

  • Ensure staff carry out basic cleaning duties such as dusting, window and mirror cleaning and floor cleaning, on a daily basis. This should be part of the pre-opening process with staff trained in these duties. If daily cleaning by staff isn’t an option, JDK Cleaning can help with a daily cleaning contract which fits around your opening hours.

  • Repair any broken lights or bulbs as soon as you notice they aren’t working as this shows that you care about how your shop looks and can also showcase your products more clearly to customers.

  • Avoid mess and clutter. If you get new deliveries, ensure the boxes are off the shop floor as soon as possible. Again, piles of boxes stocked among your goods on sale will put customers off straight away.

  • Check the outside appearance of your shop too. If the stonework, guttering and window ledges look worn and shabby, customers are unlikely to take that first step through the door.

Retail Services by JDK Cleaning

As mentioned, at JDK Cleaning we have extensive experience of cleaning a number of retail outlets across the UK for small boutiques as well as national fit out and construction companies.

We offer a range of options from retained daily, weekly or monthly contracts through to annual or bi-annual deep cleaning and a specialist carpet and floor cleaning service.

To find out more, visit our website to see our full range of commercial cleaning services here or you can call us for a free quote on the number below:


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