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Cleanliness and the Customer Experience

The word cleanliness brings to mind an environment which is hygienic, sanitised and spotless.  There is the old adage which states that “

cleanliness is next to godliness”, reflecting the importance that many people place on living and working in a clean environment.

At JDK Cleaning we understand the importance of this, and we take our customers’ ideals and expectations seriously. It is our mission and purpose.

Some people don’t realise how much lighter and fresher their environment can be until it has been professionally cleaned. JDK Cleaning’s customers have long known that a professional clean can help minimise clutter, free up much needed space, remove lingering dust and debris, as well as helping air and light to circulate. The fact that our customers are willing to pay for our cleaning services, means that having a clean office and work space is a priority for them.

Environmental Health

A clean environment prevents the development and transfer of allergens which affect millions of people every year.

A professional clean, including sanitisation, also reduces the spread of germs and harmful bacteria, as well as minimising the risks of contracting and spreading infections like colds and flu. The common cold affects millions of people every year and is a cause of death worldwide.

Our customers rely on us to provide an environment that is clean and safe for their employees and customers.

Performance and Productivity

Cleanliness forms the foundation of good working conditions and is one of the top priorities for employers and employees alike. An office or business that is dirty, dingy and smelly can negatively affect an employee’s mood and behaviour, which can then impact on performance.

Employees are happier and more productive in environments that are clean, fresh and airy. They tend to look forward to going to work and take less time off. Our customers depend on us to consistently provide this kind of environment for their staff. By providing good, clean working conditions and a healthy environment for their staff, firms can reduce staff complaints, turnover rates and levels of absence.

Image is Key

A clean environment is a pleasant, professional and eye catching one. This image says a lot about the business, and helps to build confidence in customers, making them want to do business with you.

Having a business that looks pristine and professional means that cleanliness is a priority. Your customers will come to expect a high level of product and service which in turn will lead to customer satisfaction, repeat customers/brand loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing strategy a firm could ever benefit from, plus it is free.

JDK Cleaning

The benefits of a clean environment far outweigh the cost involved. It is our responsibility to provide a service that suits the business needs at a cost they can afford. We deliver professional commercial cleaning services to offices, car showrooms, surgeries, schools, hospitality venues, retail outlets and a variety of industrial buildings.

Cleanliness should be a top priority for any business that is serious about staff performance, productivity and their bottom-line. Contact JDK Cleaning today for a free quotation and let us deliver your cleaning needs.

Customer Experience


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