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Covid-19 Commercial Cleaning Guidelines

With the new strain of Covid-19 causing even more concern than in Spring 2020, the team at JDK Cleaning is being called out more frequently than ever to complete deep sanitisation and disinfection cleans.  This is particularly pertinent for industries such as retail and manufacturing where employees are unable to work from home.

With this in mind, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, we  have put in place enhanced Covid-19 cleaning guidelines for our cleaning teams as well as providing stringent guidelines for our customers.

Covid-19 Guidelines for our Customers

Firstly, we discuss our Covid-19 cleaning guidelines and procedures with our clients prior to starting any work.  This is so we have a clear understanding of their requirements and that they have a clear picture of what procedures we will be following.

Of primary importance is the cleaning of frequent touch-points where human contact might provide a reservoir for COVID-19. Although we understand that each facility and operation is different, we pay particular attention to the following areas:

  1. Public areas where staff, customers or other visitors may congregate including offices, meeting rooms, canteens and cafeteria and reception areas.

  2. Washrooms including toilets and flush handles, showers, sinks and taps.

  3. In a manufacturing environment, we will also clean dispensaries including, medical and first aid stations, emergency showers and eyewash stations

We also recommend that our customers periodically observe our cleaners whilst they are actually cleaning the premises to ensure proper implementation.  We conduct our own regular spot checks too, but during these unprecedented times, we believe it is important that our customers have total peace of mind when it comes to meeting expected standards.

Cleaning of Frequently Touched Points

Other frequently touched points which we will routinely clean include:

  1. ​​Desk and all other work surfaces

  2. Doorknobs and handles​

  3. Light switches

  4. Computer monitors, keyboards, mice

  5. Telephone equipment

  6. All chair rests and arms

  7. Sinks and taps in kitchen areas

  8. Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines

  9. Lift their doors and buttons.

In addition, we can offer a deep-sanitisation and disinfection clean with our Storm Ballistic Virus cleaning machine.  You can read more about this service here .

Frequency of Covid-19 Cleaning

The areas highlighted above should be cleaned at least daily and, if you don’t employ the services of a commercial cleaning company, then you need to be sure designated staff members are carrying out this work correctly.

It is also important, if relevant, to clean these areas between shifts.

As a general rule of thumb, the more people who have contact with these surfaces, the more frequently that surface should be cleaned.

Guidelines for our Cleaning Staff

In addition to wearing appropriate PPE at all times, our cleaners will also:

  1. Respect all social distancing measures during the cleaning process, with particular attention if employees are present

  2. Regular washing of hands if they have to remove gloves

  3. Use of colour coded cloths for different areas of the building. This is not only best practice for any cleaning company but particularly during a pandemic when cross-contamination is more important than ever.

  4. Use of eco-friendly, anti-bacterial cleaning products which are recognised in the industry for their sanitisation and disinfecting properties

To find out more about how JDK Cleaning can help to keep your workforce safe and free from coronavirus, call us today on the number below:

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