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Delivering a 5-Star Service through Ezitracker

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Customer care and service are top priorities for the team at JDK Cleaning Services in Swansea.  That’s why the company has invested in Ezitracker attendance verification software, designed to monitor the hours worked by our cleaners at different sites.

The software provides us with a real-time verified report on the actual hours worked at our customers’ sites which is seamlessly integrated into our payroll system so that the actual hours worked are accurately matched against contracted hours.

Expansion of our Services

As the company has grown exponentially over the past five years, we have expanded our services to include a wider range of cleaning contracts as well as the geographical reach of our customers.  This has resulted in an increase in the number of cleaners that we employ directly.

This expansion makes it even more important that we monitor the service provision to our clients and in particular the time spent at their premises providing contracted cleaning services.

Benefits of Ezitracker

From an operations perspective, using Ezitracker reduces our own administrative time by providing precise, third-party records of hours worked.  This eliminates the risk of time-sheet fraud and any discrepancies between us and our clients on both cleaning and supervision time.

Further benefits of using the Ezitracker software include:

  1. Verified attendance resulting in proof of service

  2. Avoids service breakdown as we receive an alert if a cleaner doesn’t show up

  3. Improves Health & Safety processes

  4. Eliminates paper timesheets

  5. Increases our operational efficiency

  6. Reduces our administration costs.

Customer Satisfaction

However, from our perspective, the main benefit is that our customers always have peace of mind in the knowledge that we can accurately track all contracted hours and show proof that the required service has been delivered.

Our overall objective is to make sure our customers are satisfied with our services. The key to delivering a five-star service is to ensure cleaners arrive on time and complete the work within the agreed hours and to the highest standards.  Our investment in Ezitracker enables us to deliver on both counts.

JDK Cleaning

JDK Cleaning offers commercial and carpet cleaning services to a number of business across South West Wales including office blocks, retails outlets, restaurants, pubs and bars and specialist builder and construction cleans.

To find out more about our comprehensive commercial cleaning services and how our investment in software can benefit your business, call us today on the number below:


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