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Do Your Commercial Cleaners have a Communication Plan?

Communications between clients and suppliers is important in any business environment and the commercial cleaning sector is no different. At JDK Cleaning, when we take on a new commercial cleaning contract, we know that one of the most important factors alongside quality and reliability is clear communications. This is why we always have in place a robust communications plan between the contract manager, our supervisor and our cleaning crews which is critical for a successful ongoing relationship.

Getting Communications Wrong

So why do so many cleaning companies still get this part of their service wrong? They can have the best cleaning products out there, brand new equipment and a reliable cleaning team; but if a commercial cleaning company cannot maintain satisfactory communication, they will fail to deliver the level of service that makes them worth keeping.

The business owner or facilities manager’s main concern is to ensure the highest standards possible in all aspects of the facility. So, the ability to communicate and being able to ask right questions of their suppliers is of paramount importance. A reputable, professional commercial cleaning company will never shy away from getting regular feedback.

Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Many cleaning companies claim they communicate with their customers but if you are appointing a company for a new contract, don’t just take their word for it. A quality, committed commercial cleaning company can back up their claims with certification that demonstrates their commitment to both their industry and their customers.

For example, if you’re a construction company, you should check that the company you are planning to appoint had CHAS or Safe Contractor accreditation. A professional commercial cleaning company working in this sector will have communicated with their clients to understand the requirements of this industry and achieve the necessary accreditations.

It’s also important to check what communications tools your chosen commercial cleaning company has in place. At JDK Cleaning for example, we have communications books which are kept safely on site to enable contract or facilities managers to communicate requests to the cleaning team and for the cleaners to be able to leave updates or responses to requests.

Being able to get hold of your commercial cleaning contractor is also important. Cleaners will be scheduled to work hours that suit your business needs which is normally when you’re not operating. A cleaning company that provides dedicated supervisors who are available to take calls throughout the day is key if a business needs to communicate changes to contracts or additional requests. Supervisors should also carry out spot checks when the cleaners are at work and when they aren’t to verify the quality of the cleaning services provided.

Tracking the Contract

As cleaners tend to work outside of normal operating hours, it’s also important for peace-of-mind to know that they are turning up when the company says they are. Professional commercial cleaning companies will have invested in a tracking system for their employees which shows exactly when the cleaners arrive and leave the premises. Your cleaning contractor should be able to provide you with a report generated by the software upon request as proof of the hours spent cleaning by the team.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

Many businesses simply can’t be bothered to change their commercial cleaning company, not wanting the hassle of researching and interviewing potential companies.

This can be a false economy for many business owners as you may not be getting the best quality service at the best price. You may also find that you actually have no idea what your commercial cleaning contract is delivering as there is poor communications.

Finding a quality commercial cleaning company that meets your own business standards isn’t always easy but it is definitely worthwhile. Imagine the burden taken off your shoulders when you have a commercial cleaning service operating at the level that allows you to focus your energy elsewhere.

JDK Cleaning

JDK Cleaning has already built up a reputation as a quality, professional commercial cleaning company across South West Wales. Not only do we have CHAS accreditation, enabling us to work in the construction industry, but we are also a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. These accreditations demonstrate our commitment to customer service excellence as well as the importance we place on understanding our customers’ needs.

In addition to ensuring every contract has a communications book but we appoint specific supervisors to specific clients, providing mobile phone numbers and email addresses for ease of communication. Our supervisors carry out regular spot checks and meet with contracts managers at least every three months to ensure the contract is running smoothly.

Finally, we have invested in Ezitracker attendance verification software, designed to monitor the hours worked by our cleaners at different sites, providing reports to clients as and when requested.

In short, JDK Cleaning Services understands the importance of communicating with customers to ensure the highest standard delivery. So, if you’re dissatisfied with the lack of communication from your current cleaning contract, call us today on 01792 686524 so we can talk to you directly about our specialist services:


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