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End of Tenancy Clean As Students Move Home

Many students have had to stay in their rental properties since lockdown was announced at the end of March.  But as England begins to relax some of the guidance in terms of staying at home and being able to travel, it is anticipated that Wales will shortly follow suit.  As a result, many landlords and letting agents will be looking for a thorough, deep-sanitisation end of tenancy clean to ensure the properties are ready for the next influx of students in September.

Though it’s not clear when people will be able to view rental properties, landlords will need to be prepared for this eventuality with the confidence that their property is clean and virus free ahead of these viewings.

That’s where JDK Cleaning can help.  End of tenancy cleaning is one of the key services we offer to private landlords and letting agents across South West Wales.  Our regular end of tenancy cleaning service includes a thorough deep clean of all key areas including kitchens, bathrooms, walls, skirting boards, flooring, carpets and upholstery.

MotorScrubber Storm Virus Killer

Given the current situation with the Covid-19 virus, we will also be paying particular attention to cleaning and sanitising hard surfaces including door handles, light switches, window latches as well as all furniture and white goods.

To enable us to take a pro-active approach to virus control, we have recently invested in the Storm Ballistic virus killer machine developed by leading cleaning technology designers, Motorscrubber.  This state-of-the art machinery disinfects surfaces while killing viruses at the same time.  Powered by MotorScrubber’s Backpack Technology, the Storm gives us the freedom to quickly disinfect all common touch points and other surfaces with a light, spray, reducing the risk of cross infection.

Importantly, we can use our preferred, tried-and-tested, environmentally friendly disinfectants in this machine which is an important factor in terms of our carbon footprint.

Check out this video from MotorScrubber here:

End of Tenancy Deep Sanitisation Clean

Our deep sanitisation, end of tenancy clean will include cleaning and disinfecting of the following internal areas:

  1. Windows: glazing, frames, sills

  2. Mirrors, walls doors, door handles and frames, radiators, light switches, sockets and skirting boards

  3. Bathrooms including showers, shower doors, sinks, baths, taps and tiles including the removal of limescale and mould where possible

  4. Kitchens with particular attention to the sink, fridges and other white goods (internal and external), under the sink, extractor fans and any other hard surfaces

  5. Ovens and extractor fans

  6. All floors including carpets with our specialist, high-tech carpet cleaning machine.

Safety Measures

To keep our staff and clients safe when carrying out our deep sanitisation, end of tenancy cleans during the coronavirus pandemic, we have introduced the following safety measures:

  1. All our staff wear appropriate PPE when visiting properties to give an estimate and when carrying out the cleaning including masks, gloves and body suits if required

  2. Our PPE is discarded or cleaned after every job to prevent the risk of contamination

  3. All our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each job

  4. We encourage landlords and agents to open the door to the property for us and allow us to carry on with our work and then lock up behind us to minimise contact

Contact JDK Cleaning

To find out more about our deep sanitisation, end of tenancy cleans and our MotorScrubber Storm cleaning machine, you can call us on the number below for a free estimate:

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