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Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Company for your Business

So you’re re-opened, but you and your staff are now overwhelmed by the pressures of keeping your workplace clean. The only real solution, other than employing your in-house cleaners, is to use the services of a commercial cleaning company. A professional cleaning company will not only save you time by allowing you to focus on your main business priorities.

But the dilemma you are probably facing is how can you find the most suitable commercial cleaning company for your business? This guide will help you to select the most appropriate cleaning company to suit your business needs, courtesy of the team at JDK Cleaning.

Getting Started

When you do your search for a cleaning company, which will probably be on Google unless you have had some recommendations, the results can be overwhelming. You will be faced with ads, listing in the maps (which will be the ones located closest to you) and then a further list of various companies.

The first thing you should look out for are online reviews. We’re not talking about testimonials on websites which could have been written by the owners themselves, but Google, Facebook or Yell reviews for example.

In the same way that you probably would check out reviews if you were going on holiday, you should take the same approach when it comes to choosing your commercial cleaning company. Ideally you should be looking for companies with 4 stars or more and it’s important to read the reviews as this will give you an insight into what you can expect from the company.

Check their References

Once you’ve made a shortlist of cleaning companies that you like the sound of, then you should contact them each individually to enquire about their services and prices. The first thing you should ask about are references. Reputable commercial cleaning businesses should have lists of references they are happy to provide to potential clients. When you contact these referees, you will be able to ask important questions about a particular company’s service from their level of professionalism to their trustworthiness and effectiveness.


It’s also crucial that you check what insurances they have in place and ask them to send you copies (this is normal practice when a business is employing the services of another company). Ideally, they should have professional liability, public liability and employee liability insurances in place.

These are important as you, as the business owner, don’t want to be liable should one of the cleaners or anyone visiting your premises has an accident as result of the cleaning processes.

Cleaning Materials

When you sign a contract with a local commercial cleaning contractor, make sure you talk to them about the products and materials they use. Ideally they should be using eco-friendly cleaning products which are heavily diluted before use as well as colour coded cleaning cloths and materials to prevent cross-contamination.

Why Choose JDK Cleaning

If you are looking for a responsible and professional commercial cleaning company to keep your business premises safe and clean, you could look no further than JDK Cleaning.

Not only do we tick all the boxes as outlined above in terms of reviews, references, insurances and cleaning materials but we also have in place other measures which gives our customers confidence in our service including:

  • Ezitracker workplace software to track the times our cleaners clock in and out of each building they are commission to clean

  • All top safety accreditations including CHAS and Constructionline to ensure our staff are trained to the highest possible standards of safety in the workplace

  • Spot checks and communication books so we can communicate with our clients when they are not on the premises and keep an eye on the standards so that they always meet our strict criteria.

Want to know more? Call a member of our team today on the number below or you can send us a message by visiting the contact page of our website here:



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