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Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned This Autumn

The Summer is well and truly over and we are now experiencing a drop in temperatures as we head into the UK’s coldest time of year.  With a distinct drop in temperatures and the nights’ drawing in, we are likely to be spending more time on the couch, covered in a duvet, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a dirty carpet or rug on the floor!

It’s not that most people don’t know about the current condition of their carpets, chances are they have been closely tracked for mud and other footprints over the years.  And with the weather set to deteriorate with high winds and rains expected over the next few weeks, your carpets are likely to take in excess moisture.

You may have decided to wait until next Spring before calling in a professional carpet cleaning service.  Possibly you feel it’s better to wait, let the carpet face all the hardships of winter and then enter into a new season with deep cleaned carpets.

Where this makes sense on the one hand, it’s actually not a sound plan. Getting your carpets  professionally cleaned in winter is probably the best time for the chore, and here is why.

Reasons to Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

As you spend most of your time indoors in winter, you want the air to be clean and dirt free. Whilst in Spring and Summer you tend to spend most of your time outdoors. The cold winter months tend to restrict our mobility and we find ourselves spending more time at home.

What’s more, to stop the cold air from coming inside and warm air from moving outside, you will be keeping your doors and windows closed. So, if you have a dirty carpet, your indoor air quality is going to seriously deteriorate. And since you and your family are at most times inside the house, this could be unhealthy for all of you.

Importantly, in winter, deep cleaned carpets tend to dry faster than during the other seasons. This is because washed carpets dry faster during the colder months due to lower ambient humidity. This means you don’t have to wait hours for your deep cleaned carpet to get dry. Furthermore, the sooner a carpet gets dry the less likely it is for any mould or bacteria to accumulate.

Carpet Cleaning & Coronavirus

We’ve all heard about the importance of washing our hands and cleaning hard surfaces and key touch points regularly to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But what about our carpets?  Can these harbour the virus too?

Scientific guidelines state that: “The infectious lifespan of viruses, in general, depends on temperature, humidity, and the porosity of the surface where the virus is found”.  And according to a study published in The Journal of Hospital Infections, the new strain of coronavirus, like similar viruses, such as SARS and MERS, can survive for anywhere from 2 hours to 9 days on a surface. Read more here.

If anyone in your workplace or your home has suffered from Covid-19, it may be a good idea to consider steam cleaning your carpets (and upholstery).  In schools for example, where children who will have been touching their faces all day tend to sit on carpets and rugs, steam cleaning and disinfecting the carpets is one measure that will help to slow down or stop the spread of the virus.

We recommend steam cleaning as this is a more effective cleaning technique when it comes to killing bacteria and viruses which may linger in the carpets.  This is because the high temperatures involved in steam cleaning will wash away the bacteria as well as eliminating dust mites and fleas. In general, the temperature needed to kill viruses outside the body is around 60°C. A professional carpet steam cleaning machine will heat up to around  66°C, so well above the required temperature to kill off viruses.

More Efficient Service

Believe it or not, despite these reasons, most homeowners prefer to get their carpets cleaned during Spring and Summer. As a result, carpet cleaning specialists like JDK Cleaning have a lesser workload during the Winter. This means you are likely to get a quicker turnaround from quote to delivery of the cleaning service

So now that you know why Winter is the best time to get your carpet professionally cleaned, give us a call today on the number below for a quote…but hurry before we get too busy!

We have in place all of the relevant guidelines for social distancing, staff wearing PPE and other measures to keep our customers and employees safe.

To find out more, check out our carpet cleaning services on our website  or call us on the number below for a free quote.



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