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Getting Everyone on Board to Keep Your Workplace Clean

Whilst all businesses which remain open are doing their best to keep the workplace clean and safe in light of the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever to involve all your employees in this process.  Even if you employ the services of a commercial cleaning company for regular or deep sanitisation cleans, sometimes your employees can thwart the efforts of the cleaners to do their job as best they can. This Is not a conscious action of course but through a combination of laziness and habits they have picked up over the years.

Clearing Up Paper Work

At the start of every new contract, at JDK Cleaning we run through a list of requirements with our customers.  This also gives us the opportunity to identify which items should not be moved or tampered with.  This usually includes papers which are left on desks or other surfaces such as meeting room tables or photo copiers.

Unfortunately, if employees are aware that any papers they leave hanging about won’t be moved by the cleaners, they are more inclined to leave them where they are at the end of the day or after a meeting.  The result is a messy looking workspace and key surfaces not being thoroughly cleaned or sanitised.  Given the current issues concerning the spread of the new coronavirus, this level of surface cleaning is vital to help curb the spread of the virus.

We therefore encourage our customers to encourage their employees in turn to always clear away important papers at all times to enable us to do our job properly.

 Clearing Up Kitchens and Dining Areas

Similarly, if employees are inclined to leave dirty dishes in the workplace kitchen sink or on staff room dining tables, then the cleaners will have extra work to do before they can even get to thoroughly cleaning or sanitising these spaces.

Again, employees should be encouraged not to leave food or other personal items hanging around staff dining rooms or other communal areas.  They should also be advised to wash up mugs, cups, plates etc…  after them.

We would also encourage business owners ensure staff don’t leave food around in theses spaces too.  Though our cleaners are experienced in cleaning up crumbs and spills from desks and other surfaces, there is a hygiene issue around food debris caused regularly by employees, particularly if they regularly eat lunch or snacks at their desks.

JDK Guidance to Keep the Workplace Clean

At JDK Cleaning we pride ourselves on the cleaning standards that we routinely deliver and testament to this are the great reviews we get from our clients

But there is a limit to what we can achieve if your employees don’t respect their workplace and are inclined to leave a mess in their wake.   So, we would encourage you to take a few simple steps such as asking your employees to clear their desks at the end of each day or shift and to put up notices in key areas such as kitchens and dining rooms regarding the disposal of food and washing up dishes.

Then, when your cleaning company comes in, they can spend their time ensuring your workplace is cleaned to the highest possible standards and fully sanitised if required, rather than clocking up the hours clearing away after your employees.



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