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Helping Landlords to Meet their Responsibilities

At JDK Cleaning, we understand that the occupancy rate of a rental property is very important as when it’s empty, you and your landlords are losing money.

What’s more, if a rental property falls short on cleanliness in comparison to similar properties in the area, then it’s going to stay empty for even longer.

So how can we help?  Our comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning service is geared to ensure you avoid this situation as well as securing the quality of tenants you are looking for.

Benefits of a professional end of tenancy clean

There are multiple benefits when it comes to hiring the service of a professional end of tenancy clean.

Firstly, you will save time and money as you won’t need to buy the materials and cleaning tools yourself.  What’s more, you won’t have to commit the time of your staff’s work schedule to carry out the deep clean required to bring the property back up to standard.

When tenants move out, you’ll want to get the property cleaned as quickly as possible ready for the next tenants.  The timing may not be convenient to you and this can be particularly challenging if you are an agent with a number of properties to let at one go.

A specialist end of tenancy clean will also help to reduce the likelihood of complaints from new tenants, getting your landlord/tenant relationship off to a good start.  It can also mean that your new tenants will clean the property to the same standards you have set.

Importantly, the standard of cleaning delivered by specialist cleaners is of a much higher standard than you are likely to achieve yourself.

Experienced and professional cleaners will leave your property gleaming and will have the tools and materials to remove stubborn marks and stains from walls and carpets for example.

JDK Cleaning End of Tenancy Services

At JDK Cleaning we work with a number of estate and letting agents across South West Wales delivering the highest possible standards, within a timetable to suit your specific requirements.

Our focus is on developing long term, on-going relationships based on a professional and reliable service.  We can ensure a swift end of tenancy change over, making the property available for the re-let immediately after the tenant has vacated.

All our cleaning teams are supervised to ensure our high standards are maintained for every customer and client.

Our complete range of specialist, letting agency cleaning services include:

  1. End of Tenancy cleaning

  2. Spring cleaning

  3. Professional Upholstery and Carpet cleaning.

With direct experience in cleaning both furnished and unfurnished properties and any property size, from studio apartments to family accommodation and commercial premises.

We understand it is in an agency and landlord’s best interests to have their property as presentable as possible when marketing it to future tenants.

Call us today for a free quote and estimate of your letting agency cleaning services:



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