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How a Messy Workplace Can Affect Productivity

When you’re running a business, you know how vital it is to run an efficient workplace. But without proper investment in your environment, productivity can dwindle, impacting revenue, and hindering the overall success of your company. This why business owners need to set the expectations from the top by showing a commitment to keeping the working environment as clean and uncluttered as possible. This way, employees will follow your lead and stick to the same standards whenever possible and avoid creating a messy workplace.

Implications of a Messy Workplace

The likely impact of a messy workplace are as follows:

  1. Physical obstructions: if you don’t have a tidy, streamlined office, you can physically impede working tasks. For example, your receptionist may fail to pick up an important call after having to negotiate around a stack of archive boxes. Or maybe an important document will be lost under a sea of letters, invoices and files.

  2. Psychological effects: an office in disarray can influence how a team member thinks about their day ahead. If a working environment is messy, an overriding sense of haphazardness can trickle down into other areas of working life and influence important projects. Cluttered desks can lead to cluttered minds making it important to have a tidy workplace, so employees are fully engaged with their projects for the day.

  3. Health and safety concerns: if there are boxes, clutter and mess around your office, a member of the team could trip and fall, putting them out of action for days or even weeks. Workflow processes will suffer as a result of an employee’s absence, not to mention the hefty legal implications such an incident could incur.

  4. Reduced team morale: If you expect your team to work in dirt, mess and clutter, don’t expect them to think very highly of your business. By failing to show your staff the fundamental right to a clean working environment, overall morale will suffer, leading to an inevitable decline in team efficiency.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If you find yourself not being able to cope with a messy workplace or if you’ve been reliant on staff to keep the premises clean, but they don’t, then you need the services of a professional cleaning company, like JDK Cleaning.

Not only will a commercial cleaning company have the equipment and materials to ensure your workplace is spic and span but they will be in a position to pick up tasks that your employees simply don’t have time to get round to including:

  1. Cleaning desks and phones to prevent the spread of germs

  2. Thoroughly cleaning washrooms to ensure they are hygienic

  3. Keep floors clean and free of debris

  4. Ensure key supplies are in place including hand towels, loo rolls and hand soap

  5. Prevent cross-contamination by using colour coded mops and cloths.

A professional cleaning company will also have processes in place to communicate with you, the client and carry out spot checks to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standards.  They should also be in a position to provide electronic reports on the hours worked so can be sure the contract is being carried out as expected.

JDK Cleaning

At JDK Cleaning we work with a number of different industry sectors helping them to increase productivity by keeping the premises clean.

We have all the processes and systems in place to enable us to deliver contracts efficiently and effectively including Ezitracker software which tells us the exact times that our cleaners arrive and leave their cleaning contracts.

We also offer a specialist carpet cleaning service using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest standards possible.

Call us today to find out how we can keep your workplace clean and uncluttered at all times:



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