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JDK Cleaning Achieves CHAS Accreditation

Health and safety is of paramount importance in the business world.  As one of South West Wales’ leading commercial cleaning contractors, at JDK Cleaning we appreciate the importance of demonstrating our commitment to health and safety by attaining the CHAS accreditation.

What is CHAS?

CHAS is the Contractor Health and Safety Scheme which was originally founded in 1997. The scheme is designed to elevate the health and safety practices of contractors and consultants throughout the UK by assessing an organisation’s policies, procedures and practices.

For companies who are looking for sub-contractors for aspects of their operations, CHAS provides an effective and efficient way to assess the safety competency of sub-contractors. Assessment is carried out on an annual basis, and companies must re-apply each year to prove that they are maintaining the high standards that accreditation to the scheme requires.

The Benefits of CHAS Accreditation

CHAS accreditation is one of the few schemes that benefits both buyers and suppliers of contracted services equally. For buyers, the accreditation provides a guarantee of a high level of health and safety standards as well as compliance with health and safety legislation.   Working with a CHAS accredited organisation also helps to reduce an organisation’s overall liability when it comes to health and safety practices.

Contractors with CHAS accreditation benefit hugely when it comes to winning contracts.  Not only does CHAS improve a contractors’ own health and safety practices but it also gives buyers confidence in your standards and abilities.

So if a cleaning contractor with CHAS accreditation, like JDK Cleaning, is up against a cleaning contractor without CHAS accreditation, then it’s more likely that the accredited cleaning company will win the contract.

JDK Cleaning

At JDK Cleaning we work with a number of construction companies and other industry sectors where the highest levels of health and safety practices are vital.

Achieving CHAS accreditation ensures that our clients have absolute confidence not only in our cleaning standards but also in our health and safety practices and procedures when we are on site.

To find out more about JDK Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services including builders’ cleans and construction site cleaning, call us today on the number below:



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