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Keeping the Office Kitchen Sink Clean

Most offices and other commercial premises provide a kitchen area for the use of employees. And it is just as important to keep this area clean as every other part of the office, but it doesn’t always happen.

According to research by WebMD, the kitchen sink in particular can have more germs present in it than the average toilet. This will shock many people as you would think a toilet would be more prone to being covered in bacteria than the humble sink.

Cleaning the Office Kitchen Sink Regularly

Offices that have a regular cleaning team coming in to make sure their premises are perfectly clean and tidy should make sure their kitchen space is included in the regular cleaning routine.

There is no reason why an office sink should be a haven for germs if it is cleaned regularly. It’s worth noting that a sink in an office for example is more prone to accumulate germs than a sink at home would be. This is because of the greater number of people who might use it during the average day, paying less attention to spills than they would at home.

The Difference between Cleaning and Sanitising

Many people assume cleaning is the same thing as sanitising. However, when you are choosing a cleaning company to clean your commercial premises, including the kitchen sink, it is vital to make sure you choose one that does understand the difference.

There can be thousands of germs spread over commonly-used areas of an office desk, for example. Once you add up the germs that are likely to be present on the desk, keyboard, mouse and telephone, you can be well into hundreds of millions of germs. Simply dusting over these items to make them look smart and clean does not ensure you kill the germs that are invisible to the naked eye.

The best commercial cleaning companies are those that understand the importance of eradicating as many germs as possible including the kitchen area and the sink. When a surface is properly sanitised it will be free of 99.9% of bacteria and microbes that were originally present on that surface. This is not the case if the surface simply receives a wipe with a general cleaning product.

JDK Cleaning

A professional commercial cleaning company, like JDK cleaning, will ensure all the surfaces are sanitised instead of simply cleaned. They will also use products to both kill germs and leave surfaces sparkling as well as ensuring cloths are colour coded for the cleaning of different areas.

This in turn will help business owners to reduce sickness and absence in the organisation too.

If you are concerned that your office cleaners might not be doing the best job and in particular are not cleaning the kitchen sink to standard,  please contact us today on the number below:

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