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Landlords, Book Your Professional End of Tenancy Clean Today

Most discerning landlords, whether they are letting their property to a family, a professional couple or students, will understand the benefits of employing a professional cleaning company for all end-of-tenancy cleans.

There’s no doubt that once tenants have moved out, a professional deep clean can make the difference between re-letting a property quickly or it being empty and losing you money for long periods of time.   The last thing new tenants want to think about during the stressful moving process is to have to clean a property to acceptable standards just as they move in.

Good tenants will usually make the effort to clean a rental property themselves as they move out as they want to be sure to get their deposit back.  Unfortunately, most people don’t have access to the cleaning equipment and products that a commercial cleaning company will use.  So, the standards of cleaning won’t be as high as when carried out by the professionals, creating a less than appealing environment for potential new tenants.  This however tends not to be the case for students lets as these young people tend to want to move out as quickly as possible once their exams are over!

Benefits of Professional Cleaning for Landlords

It is the responsibility of the landlord (or their managing agent) to ensure their rental property meets the highest levels of hygiene and cleaning.  An end-of-tenancy clean by professionals will increase the property’s rental potential at the best price possible.  Tenants will always be prepared to pay that little bit more for a well cleaned, neat and tidy property than a scruffy, grubby one.

And don’t forget, this also applies to student rentals as it’s generally the parents whom you need to impress as many tend to foot the rental bill.

Hiring the services of professional cleaning company, like JDK Cleaning which specialises in end of tenancy cleans, is the best option that guarantees a deep clean of the property will be carried out.

What’s Involved in an End of Tenancy Clean

Though the temptation may be to skip this expense and carry out the end of tenancy clean yourself, achieving the required standards is not as easy as it may seem.

When a team of cleaners from JDK Cleaning takes on an end-of-tenancy clean, particularly it student accommodation, we will carry out the following tasks:

  1. Dusting the property throughout and removing all cobwebs from ceilings, walls, etc

  2. Cleaning all door frames, door handles and doors.

  3. Sanitising and cleaning light switches, sockets, light fittings and light shades.

  4. Washing of all skirting boards including moving all furniture and beds to clean underneath them (where possible).

  5. Cleaning all inside windows, frames and handles.

  6. Polishing of all furniture (tables, chairs, chest of drawers, wardrobes, bookshelves and so on).

  7. Cleaning of all soft furnishings.

  8. Disinfecting and cleaning all kitchen cupboards, hob, oven, fridge freezer, microwave (inside and out).

  9. Cleaning the washing Machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer (inside and out).

  10. Descaling and washing down wall tiles, baths, showers, trays, basins, toilets, taps and fittings.

  11. Vacuuming all carpets (using our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machine) and mopping all hard floors

We also offer a virus cleaning service which disinfects all key touch point using our Storm Ballistic Virus Killer machine.

As you can see, trying to cut costs and taking shortcuts by trying to carry out an end of tenancy clean yourself isn’t worth the time and effort.  You can save yourself invaluable time, stress and hard work knowing that your end of tenancy clean will be carried out by the professionals to the highest possible standards, increasing the chance of a quick re-let.

Contact JDK Cleaning

To find out more about JDK Cleaning’s end of tenancy cleaning service click here or you can call us for a free quote on the number below:

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