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Now is the Time to Get Your Hotel or Restaurant Kitchen Cleaned

Christmas and New Year is over, and many hotel and restaurant owners use this time of year to take a bit of a break and get their premises in order before the Spring and Summer season. The festive season will have taken its toll on many areas of a hospitality business and, in particular, your kitchen.

Keeping a commercial kitchen as clean as it should be has its own challenges. Managers and owners need to comply with legislation set out by the Food Standards Agency, in order to attain a good hygiene standard rating which can impact on the success of their business.  The aim of the agency is for hotels, pubs and restaurants to maintain the highest levels of health and safety to protect customers and employees.  Failure to comply with these standards could result in a hefty fine or even closure of the business.

As a result, discerning business owners working in the hospitality or wedding venue trade, will take the time in January to get their kitchen deep cleaned as well as ensuring other areas of the premises are brought up to standards too.

What’s Involved in a Deep Kitchen Clean

Although your staff is generally responsible for maintaining the standards of hygiene on an ongoing basis, there will be areas in a commercial kitchen that will be more difficult to keep clean. We’re talking about areas which aren’t easy to reach and which, over time, will accumulate fat, grease and other types of food build up.

At JDK Cleaning, when we carry out a kitchen deep clean, we will include areas such as lights, ceilings and floors as well as behind fridges and other movable items of kitchen furniture. We are also experienced in cleaning more specialist fittings like extractor fans and ventilation systems including ducts. It is particularly important to keep this equipment clean and free from debris as the accumulation of food particles can pose a health and fire hazard. What’s more, regularly cleaning will prolong the life of this equipment.

When carrying out a deep kitchen clean, we always use eco-friendly products which are approved for use in areas where food is prepared and served. What’s more, we use colour coded cloths for different areas of the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination.

Importantly, we are able to carry out these deep cleans at a time that suits the working hours of the venue and its owners, to minimise any disruption to the business.

If required, we can also provide reports for submission to your insurance company to show that potential areas of a fire hazard have been cleaned and to present to the Food Standards Agency.

JDK Cleaning

Many local hotels, bars, restaurants and wedding venues, like the Purple Badger and Oldwalls on Gower, employ the services of JDK Cleaning on both a regular basis and for deep cleans including their kitchens.

We have a reputation for delivering extremely high standards with a bespoke service depending on the usage of your kitchen and the levels of cleaning required. That’s why our clients achieve a 5* hygiene rating every time!

Call us today on the number below to find out more about our specialist deep clean services for commercial kitchens:

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