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Preventing the Spread of Germs in Your Commercial Premises

According to

Forbes, the coronavirus has now spread to an estimated 59 countries and over 87,000 people globally are estimated to be infected (World Health Organisation: 1, March 2020) with many saying the real numbers are much higher due to those without obvious symptoms not being tested.

And Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister has issued a warning that there could be a ‘very significant’ expansion of the virus in the UK. There have been many guidelines issued on what people can do to prevent the spread of the virus such as washing their hands thoroughly, avoiding shaking hands, using hand sanitisers and coughing into tissues and then disposing of them.

But what can employers do in their business premises to mitigate the risk of any germs, including the possibility of the Corona virus, spreading.

JDK Cleaning has come up with these guidelines to help business owners takes simple measures in the workplace to help stop the spread of flu-related germs amongst employees and visitors to the premises.

Germ Prevention Guidelines

Germs can be spread from person to person or by touching unclean equipment or surfaces.  To stop the spread of germs, ensure your cleaning company is focussing on areas where germs are more likely to spread, such as the kitchen and toilet.  All surfaces should be washed and disinfected every day and then dried thoroughly. Dampness helps any remaining germs to survive and, if there’s enough water, multiply.  Avoid using hand towels, replacing these with disposable paper towels or hand driers instead.

It’s also a good idea to put up extra signs in your washrooms reminding people to wash their hands thoroughly each time they use the toilets.

Importantly, particularly in offices or other commercial premises where people share desks and computer equipment, germ hot spots can be found on all keyboards, phones and desks. These also need to be cleaned and sanitised every day to avoid the spread of illnesses such a flu.  And don’t forget key areas such as door handles, window latches and light switches which tend to be touched several times a day by lots of people!

You may also provide free boxes of tissues for each member of staff and encourage them to use these if they have a cough or cold.  Tissues should be disposed of in bins which should be emptied every day.

Cleaning aids, such as cloths or mops, must be disinfected after use to keep them germ-free or they’ll spread germs to other surfaces.  Ensure your cleaning company uses colour coded cloths when cleaning different areas of your premises to avoid any cross-contamination.   You should also check that they are disinfecting any reusable cloths and that mops and buckets are cleaned and dried after each use.

If your staff use a communal kitchen for food-preparation, it’s very important to ensure food-preparation surfaces are cleaned before and after use.

Floors should be cleaned regularly, and daily in areas of high footfall, to remove dirt.

Deep Clean

In addition to these tips, and particularly if you don’t use the services of a commercial cleaning company, then it may be a good idea to arrange for a deep clean and full sanitisation of your offices.

At JDK Cleaning, we have direct experience in working for a number of companies, including those in the hospitality sector where keeping key areas like kitchens and washrooms sparkling clean is very important, providing deep cleans on a regular. Basis.

In fact, we’re currently offering a free deep clean for any new commercial contracts of a minimum of 10 hours per week.  To find our more click here or call us today on the number below for a free site visit and quote:



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