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Professional Cleaning Services for Children’s Day Nurseries

Children’s day nurseries provide an essential service to professional parents who lead busy lives. Parents depend on these facilities, expecting staff to take as much care of their children as they would.

The right kind of care involves safety, experience, kindness, and sanitisation. For most parents, the safety of their children is their main priority, but sanitisation should be deemed equally important to avoid illnesses spreading.  Unfortunately, it appears that many day nurseries do not meet the minimum standards of cleanliness required by law.

At JDK Cleaning we are aware of the importance of cleanliness, and here are the reasons why we highly recommend that you have your day nursery professionally cleaned.

It’s Good for Business

Having a day nursery that is clean and safe is a great selling point to potential new parents.

More importantly, having a day nursery that is professionally cleaned to meet the required standards can set you apart from your competitors.

Breeding Ground for Germs

Babies and small children can often get sick, especially during flu and allergy seasons.  A young child’s immune system can be vulnerable, and this is not helped by them often putting their hands and toys in their mouths. So, it is easy for germs to spread no matter how clean you try to keep the premises.

Even if you make hand washing a priority, germs and bacteria can still spread as they live on surfaces that help to breed them.

Getting a professional clean is highly recommended as it can prevent the spread of infection and also germs that cause diseases such as measles and chicken pox.

Cleaning Agents

To help eliminate disease-causing germs and bacteria, a professional deep clean with powerful cleaning agents is required. Although cleansers are often used, they are not as effective as the sanitisers and disinfectant products used by a professional cleaning company.

Cleansers only remove dirt, dust and oil whereas sanitisers reduce the amount of surface germs to a level that is safe for humans, and disinfectants eliminate most types of germs such as bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

At JDK Cleaning, we always use the safest but most effective cleaning products suitable for a day nursery.  These include environmentally safe products which contain less harsh chemicals.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many day nurseries prefer to have carpeted floors that are more comfortable for babies to crawl on. However, spills do happen and carpets tend to trap dirt, germs, and allergens that can make children unwell.

Simple vacuuming won’t remove odour-causing germs and bacteria. Getting a deep clean for your carpets and rugs with an industrial carpet cleaner can make a big difference to cleanliness and sanitisation.

JDK Cleaning

Day nurseries provide an important role in society today, and the safe, reliable care of children must be the number one priority.

For a free quote for the regular cleaning of your day nursery, call JDK Cleaning today on the number below:

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