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Protect Your Workforce with a Deep Sanitisation Clean

With the Coronavirus (COVID 19) continuing to infect people across Wales, more and more businesses are calling on JDK Cleaning to carry out a deep sanitisation clean. This is because discerning business owners understand the need to clean and treat surfaces where frequent human contact might provide a reservoir for COVID 19 to spread.

Deep Sanitisation Cleans

Deep cleans have always been an essential service we have provided to both regular and ad hoc customers and, at present, it has become even more important to outsource this service in order to protect your workforce.   During these cleans we actively encourage our clients either to be present so they can observe our cleaning processes; alternatively, we can provide a checklist of areas we have cleaned for future reference.  It’s important to note that these deep sanitisation cleans are exactly that; a very thorough sanitisation using industrial standard cleaning products which kill germs  and viruses and deter their spread.

The aim is to help prevent the Coronavirus transmission by ensuring key areas are deeply sanitised using alcohol-based sanitisers which have been developed to stop the spread of germs on a variety of surfaces.  This said, in addition to a deep sanitisation clean, there many other measures business owners can take to keep the virus at bay including regular cleaning of the key areas as listed below and encouraging employee and other visitors to their premises to act responsibly.

You can see the processes which we follow and the type of sanitising products we use by clicking here.

What Does A Deep Sanitisation Clean Involve?

While each facility that we clean is different, we focus on areas where a lot of people tend to congregate eg offices, conference rooms, canteens/cafeterias, locker rooms and reception areas.  We will also cover all hygiene facilities such as shower rooms, hand- washing stations as well as dispensaries like medical and first aid stations, emergency shower and eyewash stations.

Our deep sanitisation clean will include the following:

  1. ​​Desktops and all work surfaces

  2. Doorknobs and door handles​

  3. ​Light switches and dimmer switches

  4. ​Computer monitors, keyboards, mice

  5. Tablets and laptops

  6. ​Telephone equipment

  7. All chair rests and arms

  8. ​Canteen tables and chairs, crockery, trays and cutlery

  9. Sinks, taps and kitchen areas

  10. Toilets, including all surfaces

  11. Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines

  12. Lifts and their doors and buttons

  13. Floors, carpets and upholstery cleans.

Following a deep sanitisation clean, the areas highlighted above should be cleaned at least daily and, if possible, between shifts. The general guideline is that the more people who contact surfaces, the more frequently that surface should be cleaned.

Guidance for Business Owners

If you don’t employ the services of a commercial cleaning company, then you should provide your staff with equipment such as wipes, disinfectant etc and advise them that it is their responsibility to clean their own workstations.  You should also appoint someone to take responsibility for the daily cleaning of other areas as listed above.

If you want to find out more about JDK Cleaning’s Deep Sanitisation clean, then call us today on the number below:

Deep sanitisation clean



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