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Questions to Ask when Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Choosing the right commercial cleaning company to clean your premises can be a pretty daunting task.  Firstly, there are lots of different companies to choose from so how do you know which is right for your business and will meet your standards and requirements.

At JDK Cleaning, we understand how important it is for our clients to ensure that they have the right processes and high standards in place when it comes to commercial, giving them the peace of mind to get on with day-to-day operations knowing their premises will always be spick and span!

So to help you to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right commercial cleaning company for your business, we have come up with a list of questions you should ask before making this crucial commitment and entering into a long-term contract.

So, whether you are looking for a cleaning company to clean your offices, school, surgery, industrial unit or factory, pub, club or restaurant, use this tried and tested questionnaire to identify the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates.

Question #1 How many years have you been in business and what accounts do you service with a business similar to mine?

Every company has to start somewhere but do you really want your facilities to be the ground for a recently formed commercial cleaning company? Experience matters and experienced companies are just better at what they do which is why they are still in business.  Enthusiasm also counts but can’t make up for a lack of experience. So, look for South West Wales commercial cleaning company with both enthusiasm about what they do and a solid track record of success.

It’s also worth asking if the company has any direct experience of working with clients in a similar industry or with the same requirements as you. Take a doctor or dentist’s surgery for example. The standards are so high as they have to meet the standards of the Health Inspectorate Wales that you will need to ensure that you employ a cleaning company who has experience in this field.

Question #2 How do you screen and track your employees?

Any commercial company should ensure all employees undergo a DRB check and unless than prove that they have done this, then you shouldn’t touch them with a barge pole!!!  The cleaners will be responsible for opening up and shutting your premises on a regular basis and you don’t want to take the risk of criminals or associated criminals gaining easy access to your building.

It’s also important to find out how the company tracks when cleaners arrive and leave specific jobs.  It’s easy for someone to say that they arrived at such and such a time when in fact they are strolling in an hour late and leaving early.  At JDK Cleaning for example, we use a specially designed software called Ezitracker which reduces our own administrative time by providing precise, third-party records of hours worked.  This eliminates the risk of time-sheet fraud and any discrepancies between us and our clients on both cleaning and supervision time.  Client also get verified attendance records showing proof of service.

Question #3 Are you insured and What Accreditations do you have?

Not only should your commercial cleaning company have all relevant insurances to cover themselves, they should insure that you are protected too.  Ask to see a copy of all relevant insurances as it’s too easy for someone to say they have them when in fact they don’t!

You should also ask for details of any accreditations that your commercial cleaning may have attained.  As a minimum they should have BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) accreditation as this focuses on the standards of education and to build awareness of the cleaning industry through professional standards and accredited training.

And if  you are developer or building contractor requiring a builder’s clean, you want to be sure that the cleaning company has at least CHAS or Safe Contractor accreditations to ensure the cleaners employed on site understand the importance of safety and work to these standards at all times.

 JDK Cleaning

There are nearly unlimited choices out there when it comes to choosing a commercial cleaning company and these choices can make the process harder rather than easier. Still, if you ask the right questions, you can take at least some of the guess work out of finding a quality South West Wales cleaning company a to deliver quality services to your premises.

At JDK Cleaning, we not only have all the relevant insurances and accreditations to meet all industry standards but all our cleaners are employed but us and each one undergoes a full DRB Check.

Importantly, when we are invited to quote for commercial cleaning works, we always arrange to meet the client first to go through specific requirements so we can respond with a bespoke service that is fit for purpose.  Jack Kelleher from JDK Cleaning explains more in the video below:

To find out  more about our commercial cleaning services, call us today on the number below:




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