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Reasons to Spring Clean Your Office

Spring cleaning isn’t just something you should do around your home. Your workspace deserves the same amount of attention too and there are many reasons why.

Principally, the state of your workspace can have a big impact on the way you and your employees do their job. This can mean ensuring everything has its own place, that there is a tidy desk policy and key areas such as kitchen and washrooms are cleaned regularly.

What’s more, a clean, tidy and freshly smelling workplace will create a positive impression upon clients, customers and other visitors…. which could, in some instances, be the difference between winning a client or making a sale!

Now the thought of Spring cleaning your office, shop or other space may seem like a chore, and that’s where JDK Cleaning comes in. We can take this headache away from you with one of our deep cleans which will leave your workplace sparkling and gleaming to welcome staff and customers.

Why You Should Book a JDK Cleaning Deep Clean

Apart from the reasons listed above, the team at JDK Cleaning would like to share with you why so many businesses across South West Wales love our deep cleans.

#Reason 1 – Productivity: a clean, tidy and organised office will be an encouragement for your staff to work more productively. A clean space is inspiring and sets the standards for all others of the business which employees should be happy to follow.

#Reason 2 – Atmosphere: when staff love their workplace, then they will be happy in their jobs and so likely to remain with you for longer. A dirty, messy and unclean space will make them feel that they are not important or considered and so they will be more likely to leave.

#Reason 3 - Good Impressions – maintaining a clean office sends the right message to both the people who work for you and to those who do business with you. A spotless, gleaming workplace will help to demonstrate your commitment to high standards and customer excellence. On the other hand, a grubby space sends out the wrong signals.

After all, if you don’t care about the space where you work, then what’s the likelihood that you care about the quality of service or products you deliver to customers?

What’s Involved in a JDK Cleaning Deep Clean

Firstly, we’d like to point out that even if your office is cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, you still need to make sure you schedule a deep cleaning once or twice a year – and Spring is the ideal time to do this following the wear and tear caused during the winter months.

When JDK Cleaners carry out a deep clean in any commercial premises, these are the main areas we will cover:

  • High dusting or all vents and light fixtures.

  • Vacuuming and cleaning all blinds, curtains, windowsills, tracks, etc.

  • Dusting and cleaning all light switches, doors, handles and other frequently touched points.

  • Dusting and cleaning all skirting boards including areas behind furniture which is not frequently moved.

  • Move all furniture and thoroughly vacuum all carpets or scrub all floors.

  • Dusting and wiping down tables, counters, desks and other surfaces.

  • Cleaning and sanitising all computer keyboards and screens.

  • Cleaning all kitchen cabinets, appliances, refrigerator, etc.

  • Cleaning all restroom walls, toilets, urinals, sinks and floors.

In addition to the above, we can also carry out additional services on request including:

  • Window Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • High Ceiling Dusting (Especially if you have a warehouse)

  • Deep sanitisation cleaning.

Contact JDK Cleaning

If you want to find out more about JDK Cleaning’s specialist services, you can view them all here or alternatively, call a member of our team on the number below:



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