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Reasons Why You Need to Keep your Factory Clean

In all industries, no matter what your production line produces, keeping your factory clean is always a challenge. Some factory owners rely on their staff to carry out the cleaning as part of their ongoing, daily duties.

However, discerning factory and warehouse owners recognise the benefits of employing a commercial cleaning company which specialises in factory cleaning to ensure the necessary standards are met at all times.

Principle Benefits of Specialist Factory Cleaning

The main benefit to employing a specialist company to clean your factory is to comply with Health and Safety Regulations. The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 1974 requires all employers to put in place measures to ensure the health and safety of all employees, contractors and other visits to the premises. This includes keeping the work environment clean, free from rubbish and debris and do as much as possible to prevent slips, trips and falls.

What’s more, the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require the floors of your factory to be suitable for the type of work that will be performed on it, in good condition, and free of obstructions.

If you don’t comply with UK Health & Safety legislation, you will not only be putting your employees and other visitors to your factory at risk, but you could also fail an inspection by the HSE. Failing an inspection can have huge repercussions on a business including hefty fines and even result in closure.

An experienced commercial cleaning company will have in place procedures to prevent slips, trips and falls within their regular cleaning routine, ensuring you are compliant with the regulations.

Another main benefit of having a clean factory is increased employee productivity. If your employees can access production equipment easily and always find the spare parts or supplies that they need, then they won’t be wasting your valuable time. Employees will also feel better working in a clean and tidy environment, knowing that as a business owner you are prepared to invest in maintaining the highest standards possible.

What you Can Expect from a Factory Cleaning Specialist

How often you have your factory cleaned will depend on the type of production line you are operating. For example, if it’s a food production line, then hygiene and cleanliness are paramount and your factory will need to be cleaned daily; if it’s furniture for example, then you may not need regular daily cleaning but at least once or twice a week should ensure your shop floor remains clean and free of production debris.

A professional, specialist commercial cleaning company should come up with a plan to include schedules for both regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is important to prevent the build up of dust and grime on your production equipment. At JDK Cleaning we always prefer to carry out a deep clean at the start of the contract to get the premises to as clean a state as possible and then through our regular cleans we endeavour to maintain these standards at all times.

However, particularly on a production line which involves grease and oil to keep running, the equipment, floor and surrounding areas will inevitably be subject to a build of grime. In this instance, we would recommend carrying out a deep clean at least every three months. In other, less grimy environments, deep cleans would not need to be carried out this regularly.

Our deep cleans will take several hours and we use heavy-duty cleaning equipment and supplies on every surface and piece of equipment in your factory.

We have both Constructionline and CHAS accreditations, so you have the peace of mind that our operatives know what they are doing and trained in all aspect of Health and Safety.

For regular cleans, we will go through an inventory with the business owner or shop floor manager to ensure we have a complete list of every piece of equipment and each area of the factory that needs to be cleaned.

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