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Student Accommodation and Turn-Around Cleans; a Match made in Heaven!

Let's face it, students aren't particularly renowned for their sparkle and shine, which is sometimes why the very thought of an end-of-term student clean can feel like quite the daunting task! It's not for the faint-hearted, that's for sure. For these free-spirited young learners, it's often a first time experience of living away from home, and we all know what that means – an accumulative build of dust and grime, now that there's no threat from Mum and Dad.

Sure, university-appointed cleaners do make the rounds once or twice a week, but there's only so much that can get done when faced with hundreds of rooms to clean in one day. These regular drop-by cleans are for maintenance purposes, they keep the ship sailing where it must, but don't delve into the deeper crevices of each and every room.

Now, we're not tarnishing all students with the same brush here, of course. Many students will take a pro-active approach to keeping their own accommodation clean, neat and tidy, but even so, as graduates pack up their bags to leave for the world unknown, it's a guaranteed certainty, you’ll want a deep thorough clean to welcome in the next season of new leaners.

Our specialist team of cleaners understand that student accommodation cleaning isn't your usual end-of-tenancy clean. Often the deadlines are tight with no room for error. Here at JDK Cleaning, our professional team are used to these high-pressure situations. We are fully equipped to provide deep cleaning services for various student accommodation properties, including shared halls, flats, and student houses. We've seen it all, and we've cleaned it all too!

We have proudly provided our services to a variety of universities across South Wales, such as Swansea University, Cardiff University, and The University of South Wales. But what exactly are our turn-around clean services?

Site Visit:

Before we unleash the bleach, we like to carry out a site visit to determine how many cleaners you will need to ensure we provide a cleaning service that exceeds your expectations. Once we have surveyed the area, our cleaners can begin working their magic!


As part of our detailed audit process, we ask our customers to tick any relevant boxes which apply to areas that need cleaning. This thorough method ensures that you receive an accurate breakdown of costs for different areas that need to be cleaned, providing scope for extra attention in grimier parts of the property.

Kitchen Cleaning:

We like to rip off the band-aid and start with the area that has the most potential for grime. We're talking ovens that have never been cleaned, fridges with questionable goo and unidentifiable mouldy items, and microwaves that have had a few too many explosive food incidents.

Our specialist cleaners get to work, scrubbing floors and worktops until they are sparkling clean, and polishing sinks & taps until they've achieved that ultimate reflective shine! Marigolds at the ready, all internal appliances are addressed, which takes up the majority of our kitchen cleaning time.

Old food, plates, and other items left behind by students are bagged up ready for our rubbish removal service at the end of each clean. Hardened pieces of chewing gum are carefully removed from tables and chairs, and even the toughest wine stains are scrubbed out to perfection. Once this thorough clean is complete, it'll look like a showroom kitchen!

Bathroom Cleaning:

Second to the kitchen, bathrooms are next on the list of grime-ridden areas of student accommodation. Ensuites and shared bathrooms; we do the lot!

Showers, toilets, sinks & baths –the ceramics will be gleaming once we're finished.

Our cleaners really have seen it all, and they're not afraid to get their gloves dirty.

Maybe some toilets in your student property aren't looking their best, or the showerheads are encased in a thick layer of limescale. Whatever the task, we'll deliver sparkling results.

One of the main problems that we're asked to resolve time and time again is discoloured grout. Often black or orange in colour, it can look uninviting and can seriously put potential tenants off. Our specialist team can take care of this for you in no time, restoring the grout to its original glory.

Bedroom Cleaning:

In our experience, bedrooms are usually kept somewhat clean, but we still like to give them a thorough once over. No surface is left untouched, undusted or unsanitised! It's our mission to make these bedrooms look exactly as they did before any students crossed the threshold.

The carpets are where the real hard work starts, because most hoovers are shared and are mysteriously never seen again. We ensure that every inch of carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed to remove any build-up of debris; the last thing you want to find when moving into new accommodation is someone else's hair!

Unidentifiable stains on the carpets? Great news – we'll clean that too!

Communal Area Cleaning:

We tend to find that communal areas (a lounge or dining room) are quite clean as students are either in their own rooms or they're out on the town! Despite this, we still clean these areas with as much attention to detail as we do with bathrooms and kitchens.

These rooms will be a selling point for students, especially when they need somewhere to relax after a hard day of studying (or a hard night of partying!) With that in mind, our team of professional cleaners leave no cushion unturned.

Carpets are hoovered and cleaned if necessary, and the same goes for any fabric upholstery. Tables and chairs are dusted and polished, smudges removed from mirrors and glass, and all touchpoints are thoroughly sanitised. Any student would feel lucky to chill out in these rooms once we’re done with them!

And there you have it, the full run-down of a turn-around clean from JDK! So, next time you have students move out and are left with a mess on your hands that you really would rather not deal with yourself, call the professionals at JDK Cleaning.



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