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The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning for your Health

To preserve the life span of your carpets, you should understand the importance of regular carpet cleaning.  We’re not talking about day to day hoovering, though that is also good for keeping your carpet looking good, but a proper deep clean and wash by a professional company.But it’s not just the appearance of the carpet that’s important but also, regular cleaning will go a long way to maintaining the health of the people who live in your home.

JDK Cleaning offers an expert, specialist domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services to help you look after your carpets and your family’s health. Read on to find out how regular carpet cleaning can achieve this result.

Keeping Your Home Looking Great

There’s nothing like walking into a home where your senses immediately detect a fresh and clean environment .. and there’s no better way to create good first impression on guests or visitors.

Just think of the time family members and your pets spend traipsing in and out of rooms, shedding dirt and dust from outdoors and fur and skin from our bodies …. sorry but it’s true!  Over time, these elements will build up on your carpets making them look grubby but smell bad too.

Regular carpet cleaning by a professional company will disinfect, clean and deodorise the carpet fibres as well as restoring their colour, texture and appearance, while removing stubborn stains and stale odours.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

What’s more, a regular carpet clean will help in extending the life of your carpet.  Carpets can represent a huge investment in your home and so you don’t want to have to spend even more money replacing what is a perfectly good carpet just because you haven’t kept it clean!  Regular cleaning will protect the fibres as well as keeping the flooring looking and smelling great.

This is because the fibres will begin to breakdown and lose their finish if dirt and grime is left to accumulate.  By not cleaning your carpets regularly you will also be creating a breeding ground for dust mites and other forms of bacteria that will eat away at the fibres and underlay.

Reducing Allergens

Reducing allergens in the home is a key factor in avoiding allergies and asthma attacks among family members.

Believe it or not, your carpet is a major breeding ground for dust mites along with your pillows, mattresses and upholstery. As dust mite faeces accumulate they are launched into the air by people sitting on mattresses and furniture, fluffing pillows and by walking on the carpet. Once airborne they may make their way into the nasal passages and throats of people in the house causing problems like asthma.

Regular carpet cleaning can help by extracting the light air borne allergens that hover over your carpets but by also removing pet hairs and dust mites.

In between regular carpet cleans you should remember to dust and vacuum weekly so the allergen levels in the air stay low; scheduling a regular, professional clean will ensure any build up in your carpets and rugs is eliminated, keeping your home healthy.

JDK Regular Carpet Cleaning

The specialist team at JDK Cleaning use the latest machinery and most effective, environmentally sound chemicals to bring your carpets back to life.  Our state-of-the-art equipment reaches the roots of your carpet eliminating dirt, stains and bacteria. Our cleaning method is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfect, clean and deodorise the carpet fibres.

To find our more about JDK Cleaning regular carpet cleaning services, call us today on the number below.

Regular carpet cleaning


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