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The Importance of Sanitising in a Commercial Environment

So many people assume that when they walk into a lemon-scented office that the environment must be clean.   Sadly, this is not the case as smell has no bearing whatsoever on its cleanliness.

The reason for this assumption is because we’ve all become accustomed to the heavily perfumed cleaning materials commonly used in the home, and so make the link between scent and cleanliness. But just because your workplace smells like bpexe, a jasmine flower or citrus, it doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Unless the cleaning products your commercial cleaners use also have a sanitiser or bactericidal ingredient in addition to the scent, wiping down surfaces only serves to spread the bacteria around more evenly, and does nothing to increase cleanliness. Only materials with sanitising agents can really clean surfaces, by lifting dirt and killing the bacteria that can cause sickness and disease.

Heavily scented cleaning products, whether bactericidal or not, can also trigger an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals, and may cause irritation in high concentrations.

It is much better to use cleaning products that are low on scent for all these reasons. What’s more scents and fragrances can mask odours that may indicate other problems like unchecked bacterial and fungal colonies growing in hard to reach places, or even pest infestations. Cleaning products should contain effective anti-bacterial agents to ensure surfaces are thoroughly sanitised and left sparkling clean and germ-free, as well as mild solvents to remove grime and greasy residues where bacteria can multiply.

Sanitising Office Computers and Phones

While everyone knows the importance to sanitise the office bathrooms and kitchens, it is easy to forget about the ensuring telephones and computer keyboards are also free of dirt and bacteria.

While toilet seats and worktops are obvious bacteria breeding grounds, you’d probably be surprised by the amount of debris and grime which can build up on communication equipment over time, and they can be a hidden source of danger lurking in the workplace.

Although most commercial cleaners will dust the keyboards and telephones in the office on a regular basis, often wiping them down as part of the process with a wet cloth, this isn’t really sufficient to remove all of the ground in dust, bacteria and even makeup which accumulates with every passing day.

Why Are Computers and Telephones Such A Problem?

At one time, office workers were often the only person to use their computer keyboard or telephone, however these days this is no longer the case. Flexible working and hot-desking means that equipment is frequently shared between two or more workers, and that means that cross-infection is always a risk.

This is why telephones, and all of their attached components including headsets, handsets, cords and buttons are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis with sanitising solutions and alcohol wipes.

Computer keyboards also represent an attractive breeding ground for the bacteria which can cause illness in the office, and therefore they need to be regularly cleaned with the same alcohol wipes and sanitisers, as well as brushed and vacuumed to remove any crumbs and dust collecting under the keys.

Bacterial Statistics

Surprisingly, an office keyboard can harbour up to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat, and these sobering statistics make it clear why they can be such a health hazard, particular in offices where workers often eat at their desks.

80% of infections are passed to others through touch, and the average office employee comes into contact with as many as 10 million bacteria on a daily basis, some of which can cause sickness which is severe enough to keep them off work.

Some viruses like the common cold and flu linger on desks, keyboards and telephones for as long as 24 hours, and therefore a deep clean is a key part of protecting workers from illness while also ensuring that the office remains productive.

Although it’s impossible to eliminate all viruses and bacteria, the best solution is to use a sanitiser and alcohol wipes on telephones and keyboards regularly. With billions of pounds being lost every year because of staff illnesses, it’s essential to take steps to reduce the risk of disease from unsanitary equipment, not only to protect the workers’ well-being and health, but also to help the company to save money and to function more effectively.

JDK Cleaning

JDK Cleaning offers sanitisation as part of all regular, weekly retained cleaning contracts.  We also offer deep cleans at the start of new contracts, so we can set the quality and standards that are synonymous with our brand from the word go.

Our cleaning teams are also trained in key techniques to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria including colour coded cloths and mops for specific areas of the premises.

To find out more about JDK Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services or to arrange a free survey and quote, call us to day on the number below:



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