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The Performance Standards you should expect from a Commercial Cleaning Company

Your business is important to you and your customers are even more so, as they are the ones that drive your business. Of equal importance are your employees as they are the ones who will serve your customers. As business owner you have a responsibility to ensure that the needs of stakeholders are met and one of the greatest needs is having a clean place in which to work and do business. The most discerning business owners will look to hire a professional cleaning service which meet specific performance standards. This is because they understand the level professionalism that will be brought to the job of making your surroundings spotless and ready for business.

So, before signing a contract with a commercial cleaning company in Swansea, make sure you will be getting the quality of service that you expect, by including the following service standards in any agreement with a potential cleaning service provider.

Cleaning Performance Standards

It’s a fact, people have different and varying opinions on what they consider to be a required standard of cleaning.  That’s why cleaning performance standards for your business should be established. The standards should be based on your own expectations as well as any regulation that your business my need to comply with. It is perhaps best to do this on a scale with ratings from excellent to poor so that all parties are aware when the standards are being met, when they are being exceeded or when they are not up to standard.


It can be disruptive and irritating if the cleaning staff is changed every day or if there are not enough employed to carry out the service adequately at any given time. If you or your team have to spend time constantly inducting cleaning personnel into your business or the work is not getting done on time because the cleaning staff is stretched, this is a major issue. A quality-driven cleaning contractor will have a stable and adequately staffed operation at all times to attend to your needs with an monitoring system to track arrival and departure times.

Customer Service

If, the cleaning staff is rude to your employees and customers, this is a no go. The service provider needs to ensure that the right types of employees are placed in your business and are fully trained not only in customer service but in every relevant area to enable them to do a good job.


Your commercial cleaning company should be able to prove that all their cleaning staff have undergone a DBS check.

It’s also important to establish how they manage the security of the keys to your business. Businesses should provide keys which are security protected so can’t be taken away and copied.  They should also be stored in a safe way when not in use.

Jack Kelleher, MD of JDK Cleaning, explains how his organisation manages key security:

Health & Safety Compliance

Cleaning services use a variety of chemicals to carry out the job. It is important that providers maintain the relevant health and safety standards so that neither their employees nor the clients are   put in any danger because of improper chemical use, careless work practices or improper use of equipment that may cause harm. Employees should receive the relevant training and the commercial cleaning company must ensure that its operations are compliant with all the relevant health and safety standards.

JDK Cleaning

JDK Cleaning takes its commitment to meeting customers’ expectations and service standards very seriously.  The company has achieved CHAS and Construction Line accreditation, is a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science and all staff, without exception, undergo a DRB check.

The company also uses Ezitracker, which is attendance verification software, designed to monitor the hours worked by cleaners at different sites. The software provides a real-time verified report on the actual hours worked at customers’ sites which is seamlessly integrated into the payroll system so that the actual hours worked are accurately matched against contracted hours.

If  you’re looking for a fully accredited, security conscious and reliable commercial cleaning company that constantly delivers the highest levels of performance standards, call JDK Cleaning today for a free quote:

Performance Standards



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