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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Workplace

As the days get longer and the evening’s lighter, many business owners are noticing that their premises are looking rather grubby following the hardships that winter brings. Windows are smeared, floors are dirty and the layers of dust that seem invisible during the cold months, are annoyingly stubborn.

So, what can you do.  The team at JDK Cleaning have come up with their top tips to help you to Spring clean your workplace and to keep it clean too!

A Deep Spring Clean

Business owners need to understand that Spring cleaning’s not just for the home; and it helps to create a productive workplace if you are prepared to go the extra mile to get your premises sparkling. When you Spring clean your workplace, all windows and worksurfaces should undergo a thorough clean, and your floors and carpets should be shampooed, or steam cleaned and polished.

A deep clean is especially important in customer facing areas, where first impressions can make or break a customer’s experience. Pay special attention to these spaces, and don’t neglect the exteriors of your premises. Winter weather can dirty walls, pathways, and outside areas, so consider removing any grime with a pressure washer.

If you’ve still got any winter supplies or equipment lying around, like grit, or space heaters, it’s time you store them securely stored away until next year.

This is also a great opportunity to replenish your stock cupboard, so take an inventory check and re-order any everyday office, kitchen, and cleaning supplies you need.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

As mentioned, it’s generally the floors of your workplace that take a beating during the winter due to mud, grime and even grit being trodden into carpets and other floor surfaces.

  1. Carpeting can be one of the most forgiving and low-maintenance types of flooring, but high footfall in the office will leave its toll making the carpet look messy and mucky, especially in busy areas like the reception where debris has been brought in from outdoors. In most instances, hoovering the carpet a couple of times each week will stop the debris and dirt from building up and becoming ingrained in the pile.  You should also make sure stains are treated as soon as they occur. This regular maintenance should be supplemented with a deep carpet clean at the end of winter by a professional carpet cleaning company.

  2. Laminate flooring can be a very low maintenance option for a workplace but can show signs of damage and use quickly without regular care. A quick sweep over the laminate is enough to keep the floor free of dust and debris, but care must be taken when removing sharp or larger fragments of dirt. If not removed, this type of debris can scratch and damage laminate flooring, which may then need replacing.   An additional weekly mopping during winter months, using just a little water, will be enough to keep floors looking their best for as long as possible.

  3. Wooden floors are generally built to last for decades and normally look great for a long time too. But to retain the quality look of wood flooring, you need to pay extra attention to cleaning and care. Regular sweeping will help to avoid scratching and damage caused by large debris whilst weekly mopping will help cut down on dust and remove any more stubborn mess which may have accumulated. Over winter however, wooden floors will start to show signs of scratching and fading, particularly in high footfall areas. Spring is the best time to sand down the surface of the floor and re-varnish the wood to restore its original beauty.

Specialist Cleaning Services

If all of this sounds daunting, then the specialist team at JDK Cleaning can help.  We carry out regular deep cleans for a number of businesses across different industry sectors who simply need that intense clean to get them through the Spring and Summer.

We also offer deep and intense carpet and floor cleaning services, using state-of-the-art equipment and micro-fibre cloths.

To find out more about our commercial cleaning services, visit our website or call us today on the number below:

Spring Cleaning



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