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Where Germs Hide in your Office

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Believe it or not, but more than 25 million working days are lost in the UK due to self-reported illness.  Some of these have to be put down to ‘sickies’ pulled after a heavy night out but the majority are usually caused by contagious coughs, colds, sniffles, flus and stomach bugs which were picked up in the workplace. When we work in close contact with lots of people, we are exposed to many different types of germs every day. Most of these are harmless, but every now and again one of your colleagues will have been in contact with someone with a nasty cold and, before you know it, the germs have spread throughout the office.

We all know that washing and sanitising your hands is one of the very best ways to avoid picking up and passing on germs. Equipping employees with hand sanitiser, placing antibacterial soap by all sinks and encouraging regular hand washing will make a big difference to reducing germs in your workplace.  Unfortunately, there will still be other places where germs loiter and linger in office spaces, just waiting to take your team down!

Main Areas where Germs Hide in your Offices

There are three main areas where germs are likely to hide in your offices as follows:

  1. Telephones: when the phone rings, you automatically answer it, and there’s no time to think about hand washing. This makes office phones one of the most widely handled pieces of communal equipment in your workplace. Regularly cleaning handsets with an antibacterial wipe will help you avoid transferring germs via your office phones.

  2. Keyboards: in most workplaces, employees stick to their own keyboard but in more flexible spaces, shared keyboards can accrue lots of nasty germs. That’s because they’re in contact with our hands almost all day; immediately after we’ve taken the morning commute, when we’re eating our lunch or drinking our tea, for example. Have a look at your keyboard, if it’s completely fluff and crumb free, we’ll be really surprised.  A regular antibacterial wipe down will help get rid of any germs loitering in your keyboard, but a monthly clean out of this piece of kit will make the world of difference. It’ll help your workplace look more professional too.

  3. Chair arms: you may not have considered just how often your hands come into contact with chair arms, especially those found on shared pieces of furniture. From meetings to lunch breaks, these seemingly innocuous office essentials can come into contact with all manner of germs over the course of just one day, making a regular wipe down very important part of tackling workplace germs.

Regular Office Cleaning

Regular, thorough cleaning services are one of the best ways to minimise germs in your office space.

At JDK Cleaning we have first-hand experience of cleaning offices on a regular basis and our comprehensive service includes cleaning all of the above mentioned areas as well as desks, floors, carpets, windows and wash room facilities.

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