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Why JDK Cleaning is the First Choice for End of Tenancy Cleans

Landlords are responsible for ensuring that their property is up to the best possible standard when tenants to due to move in.  The most efficient and cost-effective option for landlords to ensure the required standards are achieved is to employ the services of a commercial cleaning company, like JDK Cleaning, who have a proven track record in delivery end of tenancy cleans.

This time of year, when the University exams are coming to end and many students are moving back home for the summer, is when most landlords who offer student lets need these specialist services.

The Benefits of Specialist End of Tenancy Cleans

As a landlord, the occupancy rate of your property is very important as when your rental property stands empty, you are losing money. When potential tenants, including students (and their parents) are looking for a property to rent, they will directly compare all the properties available in the area they want to live within their price range. If your property falls short on cleanliness in comparison to other properties in the area, then they are more likely to choose somewhere else to live. End of tenancy cleaning can help you to avoid this situation as well as securing student tenants well before the new term starts.

Some landlords prefer to carry out their end of tenancy cleans themselves rather than pay for the services of a specialist commercial cleaning company.  However, in many instances, this is a false economy. Landlords need to assess the cost of a specialist end of tenancy clean against the cost of purchasing all the cleaning materials and tools to complete the job to the required standards as well as the time it will take to clean the property.  So you could lose out financially as well as having to take time out of your busy work schedule.

What’s more, when tenants, and in particular students, move out of your property, the chances are that you will need to get the place cleaned as quickly as possible ready for the next tenants.  The timing may not be convenient to you and this can be particularly challenging if you let several student properties and they all move out at virtually the same time!

A specialist end of tenancy clean will also help to reduce the likelihood of complaints from your new tenants, getting your landlord/tenant relationship off to a good start.

Importantly, the standard of cleaning delivered by specialist cleaners is of a much higher standard than you are likely to achieve yourself. Experienced and professional cleaners will leave your property gleaming and will have the tools and materials to remove stubborn marks and stains from walls and carpets for example.

JDK Cleaning End of Tenancy Services

JDK Cleaning works with a number of private landlords as well as estate and letting agents across South West Wales delivering the highest possible standards, within a timetable to suit your specific requirements.

Our focus is on developing long term, on-going relationships with our landlords based on a professional and reliable service.  We can ensure a swift end of tenancy change over, making the property available for the re-let immediately after the tenant has vacated.

To find out more about JDK Cleaning’s specialist end of tenancy cleans, call us to day on the number below:

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