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Why Winter is the Best Time to Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

The festive season is well and truly over and we are now experiencing a drop in temperatures as we head into what is usually the UK’s coldest time of year.  With no more guests to entertain, evenings and weekends are likely to be spent on the coach, covered in a duvet, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a dirty carpet or rug on the floor!

It’s not that most people don’t know about the current condition of their carpets, chances are they have been closely tracked for mud and other footprints over the Christmas period.  And with the weather set to deteriorate with ice and snow predicted over the coming months, your carpets are likely to take in excess moisture, even if the footfall into you home has dropped considerably.

You may have decided to wait until Spring before calling in a professional carpet cleaning service.  Possibly you feel it’s better to wait, let the carpet face all the hardships of winter and then enter into a new season with deep cleaned carpets.

Where this makes sense on the one hand, it’s actually not a sound plan. Getting your carpets cleaned in winter is probably the best time for the chore, and here is why.

Reasons to Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

As you spend most of your time indoors in winter, you want the air to be clean and dirt free. Whilst in Spring, Summer or Autumn you tend to spend most of your time outdoors. The cold winter months tend to restrict our mobility and we tend to find ourselves spending more time at home.

What’s more, to stop the cold air from coming inside and warm air from moving outside, you will be keeping your doors and windows closed. So, if you have a dirty carpet, your indoor air quality is going to seriously deteriorate. And since you and your family are at most times inside the house, this could be unhealthy for all of you.

Importantly, in winter, deep cleaned carpets tend to dry faster than during the other seasons. This is because washed carpets dry faster during the colder months due to lower ambient humidity. This means you don’t have to wait hours for your deep cleaned carpet to get dry. Furthermore, the sooner a carpet gets dry the less likely it is for any mould or bacteria to accumulate.

More Efficient Service

Believe it or not, despite these reasons, most homeowners prefer to get their carpets cleaned during Spring and Simmer. As a result, carpet cleaning specialists like JDK Cleaning have a lesser workload during the Winter. This means you are likely to get a quicker turnaround from quote to delivery of the cleaning service

So now that you know why Winter is the best time to get your carpet professionally cleaned, give us a call today on the number below for a quote…but hurry before we get too busy!

Carpet Professionally Cleaned


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