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Why You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned Before Christmas

Most people tend to wait until it’s Spring cleaning time before they get their carpets cleaned but it’s a really good idea not to wait that long and to get your carpets cleaned in time for Christmas.

Here are the reasons why courtesy of JDK Cleaning’s expert team of carpet cleaners:

Autumn Weather

Traditionally the Autumn brings with it rain and generally inclement weather, particularly in Wales: and over recent weeks, we’ve certainly had our fair share of wind and rain.  So, there won’t be many homes that haven’t had their fair share of mud and wet leaves trodden into their carpets. To ensure your carpets are looking their best before family descend at Christmas, our professional carpet cleaning service will get rid of this dirt and fully revive your carpets.

More Time Indoors

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder we generally tend to spend more time indoors.  Many people, especially children love watching TV lying on the carpet or playing their favourite games at floor level.  The least you can do is make sure your carpets and flooring  are clean, fresh and germ free for their sakes.

Winter Viruses

Nobody likes being ill and especially near Christmas when there are lots of parties and other family outings.  Viruses such as nor-virus (the winter vomiting bug) can live in carpets for up to one month for example.   What better reason to make sure your carpets are cleaned before Christmas to prevent the spread of germs.

Smelling Good

In the summer you can open some windows and doors and let the fresh air circulate around your house.  Unfortunately, in winter in Wales we need to keep our homes snug and warm but that can sometimes mean that your home generally smells a little less fresh.  Having your carpets cleaned can instantly make your home smell cleaner and fresher as all the smells caused by grime and damp trapped in your carpet are removed.

Improve the Air Quality

Did you know that regular cleaning removes toxins and chemicals trapped in your carpet that have been brought in from outside.  It also removes dust and mites.  All these factors decrease the air quality and can trigger allergies and asthma.  If you have an asthma sufferer in your home or visiting over Christmas a clean carpet will help to prevent any unnecessary asthma attacks.

Impress the Visitors

If you enjoy entertaining or are having guests staying over the Christmas holidays you will have a load of preparations to carry out in the coming weeks.  Most people start by cleaning their home from top to bottom: but it will only look really clean and impressive if you have your carpets cleaned too.

Maintaining a Clean Carpet

Once your carpets have been cleaned, they will be much easier to keep looking clean and smelling fresh for many months afterwards.  So, if you have your carpets cleaned now, they will still look great after a quick hoover during the Christmas break and into the New Year.

Impress Santa!

What’s more important this time of year than impressing Santa, and he might fill your stocking with a few more gifts if he is greeted with a home full of Christmas cheer and clean and fresh carpets.

JDK Cleaning

At JDK Cleaning we are taking bookings for pre-Christmas carpet cleans right up until Sunday, 23rd December.

So, if you want relax in the knowledge that your carpets are clean and germ free when your little guests are rolling about the floor or lying contentedly watching a film or you simply want to impress the mother-in-law, call us today on the number below:

Carpets Cleaned


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