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Delivering Specialist Care Home Cleaning Services

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused many issues for care homes due to the vulnerability of the elderly people living there. Although it seems that the worst of the pandemic is over, it’s still crucial to keep residential care homes and nursing homes clean and free of bacteria and viruses to prevent the unnecessary spread.

How JDK Cleaning Can Help

JDK Cleaning delivers commercial cleaning services to care settings across Swansea and South West Wales. Our team is fully trained to cleanse and sanitise all areas of the home to the highest standards, keeping employees and residents as protected as possible from the threat of illnesses. Our daily cleaning schedules work around the home’s requirements, to cause minimal disruption to day-to-day activities.

Older people are more susceptible to contracting illness as they have weaker immune systems, which is why they are given free flu jabs every winter! Protecting your residents is important, but your staff’s health is equally important and ensuring their safety and wellbeing while at work is hugely important.

Our professional cleaning company can give you the peace of mind that not only are your staff and residents comfortable and happy, but that they are more protected from contracting an illness too.

Further Benefits of Using JDK Cleaning

Alongside increased cleanliness and comfort comes increased productivity. Employees will be more likely to enjoy coming to work and completing their job role well when in an environment they like being in. Plus using a commercial cleaning company to clean your residential or nursing home, takes additional pressure off your staff, allowing them to focus on caring for your residents rather than having to continuously clean the home themselves.

In summary, daily disinfecting can hugely reduce the chance of illness spreading n your care home. equating to improved efficiency, happiness, and improved health of your staff and residents. Regular deep cleaning, including carpet and kitchen cleaning, can also be hugely beneficial to meet the stringent standards of the Care Inspectorate Wales.

To find out more call us today on 01792 696524. We can come along for a free assessment of your home and provide you with a competitive quote.



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