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Let JDK Cleaning Help Improve Your Bottom Line

Over the past 12 years, JDK Cleaning has been helping many businesses across different industry sectors to improve their bottom line. How you may ask? Well, beyond the fact that a clean office looks great, it can also help to stop the spread of infection which reduces absenteeism; promote productivity; and increase safety.

All of this can have an overall positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Let’s elaborate.

Happy Employees

Many reports, including this one in the European Cleaning Journal, show that someone’s immediate surroundings can affect their state of mind, and they have a bearing on their attitude and emotional state. This principle is no different when it comes to your employees and the state of the workplace.

A clean, tidy and well-organised office creates positive feelings among employees, while a grubby, untidy or disorganised space can create negative emotions and attitudes. That’s why a clean and sparkling work space can influence how happy and productive your employees are likely to be.

Employees working in clean offices are less likely to call in sick, take long breaks, or to be generally unproductive. By prioritising workplace cleanliness and tidiness, you will be contributing to the overall happiness of your employees and the success of your business.

Increased Productivity

An unclean workplace can create distractions which you may not be aware of. For example, employees could become ill and so lose motivation due to lingering dust and germs which can cause a decrease in their energy levels or even cause serious health issues.

Workplace cleanliness contributes to your employees’ morale in many ways, and unnecessary clutter and untidy surroundings have been proven to increase stress levels and distract employees from doing their actual work.

Focus, attention, and motivation are all easy to lose in a grubby and untidy work space, which is why it is a good idea to get your premises cleaned professionally on a regular basis. A commercial cleaning company can build a programme to fit the business’s individual needs, which allows you and your employees to focus solely on your work – improving your bottom line.

By maintaining a clean workplace you will naturally create a more organised and pleasant environment too.

First Impressions Count

First impressions are everything and most business owners understand that perception is key. You may have the best services or products on the market, but if clients or customers feel that your business premises is dirty, there’s a good chance they may take their business elsewhere.

Maintaining a clean workplace lets your clients and customers know that your business represents professionalism, organisation and attention to detail. Commercial cleaning companies have specialised tools and skills to give your office, shop or factory a more thorough cleaning, which in today’s climate, it is more important than ever.

Save Your Business Money

While the costs of commercial cleaning may seem like a one item you may prefer to skip in your budget, using a professional commercial cleaning company can ultimately save your business money. For example, if you expect your employees to keep the workplace clean, then you are distracting them from the tasks they are paid to carry out. By employing the services of a commercial cleaning company, either daily, weekly or monthly, this will take the additional pressure off your employees allowing them to focus on their actual job.

Commercial cleaners are also trained to look for, and are more likely to notice, issues such as leaks, pest problems and other issues caused by lack of cleaning and maintenance. Preventative maintenance saves money that would have to be spent on emergency repairs or replacements, not to mention the time and hassle it takes to attend to an unexpected maintenance emergency.

JDK Cleaning’s Services

AT JDK Cleaning, we offer a range of services to meet the needs of our clients operating in different sectors. For example, for the hospitality sector we are able to offer a deep clean for commercial kitchens and for fit-out companies we regularly deliver overnight cleaning to get refurbished sites ready to open.

For new clients, we recommend a deep clean at the start of the contract to get the workplace sparkling and gleaming from the word go … and then we deliver the regular cleaning according to the business’s schedule.

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