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Preparing Your Student Accommodation for New Students

It’s that time of year when the influx of students head back to

Swansea at the start of the new academic year.  Student accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from shared houses to studios and large apartment buildings.  Whichever type of property you are letting to students, at some point you will require student accommodation cleaning services either on a regular basis to maintain a good standard, or at the start of the new tenancy.

Specialist student accommodation cleaning is different from standard domestic cleaning. Why? Because in most instances, students don’t tend to look after their rented accommodation as they do when at home with mum!  A specialist student accommodation cleaning company offers a level of service to landlords and letting agents to ensure all properties are clean and sparkling when the students (with their protective parents) arrive. They will also offer a much needed end of tenancy clean when the students move out.

Cleaning and Maintaining Student Accommodation

Higher end landlords and agents will opt for a regular maintenance clean for their student accommodation, whilst others will choose a change over or end of tenancy clean on smaller shared properties.

As Swansea is home to two universities and a number of other colleges, there is inevitably a high number of houses adapted to multiple occupancy properties, shared by four, six, eight or more students. Some landlords will choose to have the communal areas, bathrooms, hallways, kitchen etc. cleaned on a regular basis by professional student accommodation cleaners, to keep a reasonable standard within the property, and provide a good standard of living for the students.

For those landlords who don’t opt for a regular cleaning contract, they will still require an end of tenancy cleaning service to deep clean the property before the new tenants move in.

When it comes to larger student accommodation such as apartment blocks or halls of residence, there could be up to between 30 and 40 flats in each building accommodating hundreds of students. This accommodation may include shared apartments which have four or six bedrooms with shared communal areas, or can be made up of studio flats for individual living. Either way, specialist accommodation cleaning services are always required as these buildings normally have communal spaces which need to be maintained to the highest standards on a daily basis. These buildings will also require a major summer change over clean, which would mean a large number of apartments in a very short space of time.

Choosing Specialist Student Accommodation Cleaners

When choosing a company for your student accommodation cleaning services, don’t be tempted to choose the local domestic cleaning service provider. It’s unlikely that they’ll have the experience, knowledge or equipment to clean to the required standards within the timescale.

This is why universities and colleges employ facilities managers to organise all aspects of the property including the cleaning.  These managers will plan their student accommodation summer change over cleaning early in the year, utilising the services of experienced student accommodation cleaners.

JDK Cleaning has been providing student accommodation cleaning services for a number of years, including a number of contracts with summer hand-overs on behalf of facilities management companies.

We also offer specialist student accommodation cleaning for a number of individual landlords and student specialist letting agencies across the Swansea area for summer end of tenancy cleans.

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