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Preparing Your Surgery to Deliver Covid Vaccines

We’ve heard all about it in the news. More and more doctors’ surgeries and larger pharmacies are now able to deliver Covid vaccines to patients in their local area.  As a result, with more and more patients passing through the doors, it’s more important than ever to ensure your surgery treatment rooms, waiting areas and washrooms are cleaned and sanitised to the highest standards possible.

Following guidelines set out by Public Health Wales, JDK Cleaning is currently working with a number of local surgeries for both regular cleaning and deep, sanitisation cleaning between vaccine and regular surgery shifts.

JDK’s Surgery Standards

The standards we set ourselves at JDK Cleaning are inline with those also set out by the Health Inspectorate Wales, the governing body that regulates medical practices across Wales.

As a result, we work closely with practice managers to agree and deliver a healthcare cleaning plan based on the NHS’s specifications for cleanliness and sanitisation at all times.  This plan covers all functional areas and key elements within the practice to help prevent cross contamination and, importantly during the pandemic, to control infection. This is why daily cleaning of clinical rooms and patient waiting rooms and toilet areas is essential.

We ensure that all key touch points including light switches, door handles, telephones and computer key boards are sanitised regularly and all floors are mopped properly with no streaks or stains.  Our cleaners always use colour coded cloths to clean different areas of a surgery, and pay extra attention to the hygiene standards in washrooms.

Our surgery cleaning service includes regular cleaning audits to ensure the agreed plan is being strictly followed, giving you peace of mind that the highest standards are maintained at all times.

Investment in Technology

With customer care and service top of our priority list, we have invested in Ezitracker attendance verification software which monitors the hours worked by our cleaners at different sites.

In 2020, we also invested in new, state-of-the-art technology to help deliver deep sanitisation services more effectively and efficiently.   The Storm Ballistic virus killer machine developed by leading cleaning technology designers, Motorscrubber, disinfects surfaces while killing viruses at the same time.  The Storm is the ultimate surface cleaning, disinfecting, on-the-go package for combating coronavirus. It gives us the freedom to quickly disinfect all common touch points and other surfaces with a light, spray, reducing the risk of cross infection.  Get more details here.

What’s more, we are also working in conjunction with Swansea-based Evolve Raybotix, the only UK supplier of UV-C Ozone disinfection robots which are now classified as a ‘medical device’. These cutting-edge robots use UV-C light supported by Ozone gas to destroy microorganisms’ DNA structures, quickly and safely eradicating 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way – within as little as 7 minutes.

Why Choose JDK Cleaning

We have several years’ experience of working with doctors’ surgeries across South West Wales to deliver the highest standards of clinical cleaning.  Importantly. we employ our own staff who are well trained, helpful and experienced in providing a confidential service tailored to a practice’s specific requirements.

Particularly during these unprecedented times when surgeries are delivering Covid vaccines up to 12 hours each day, we offer flexible contracts to suit out of surgery hours.

To find out more about our specialist surgery cleaning services, please give a member of our team a call back on the number below:



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