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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Property Owners

It may seem like Winter is never going to end with the Beast from the East version 2 due to hit our shores this weekend. Believe it or not, the Winter elements can take their toll on your commercial facilities, both inside and out. For example, salt can build up in your car park or walk ways and so will be brought inside by employees and visitors alike; while wind and rain will start to make the outside of your premises look worn and grubby. Now is the time to start planning for the new season by creating your Spring cleaning checklist so that when the sun starts shining again, your property will be the first to sparkle!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The expert team at JDK Cleaning in Swansea has come up with just that – a fool proof cleaning check list for you and your staff to follow this Spring.

Just run through the list and tick off what has been sorted and what needs to be done to achieve an office premises that does your brand business justice:

  1. Windows (inside and outside)

  2. Build-up of debris or salt on walkways and car parking areas

  3. Salt residue left on interior floors and carpets

  4. Gutter cleaning

  5. Carpet or other flooring cleaning

  6. High level cleaning to remove cobwebs and dust.

Office Deep Clean

Ideally, just like we do at home, it’s a good idea to have a professional deep clean of your commercial premises at least once a year. A deep clean should cover all of the items from our check list above as well as additional cleaning including intense cleaning of washroom areas, kitchens (including appliance), server rooms and telephony and IT equipment.

JDK Cleaning carries out deep cleans throughout Spring for a range of commercial premises including offices, factories, schools, surgeries and many other properties. We also offer a free deep clean for all new, retained commercial cleaning contracts.

To find out more and for a free quote, call us today on the number below:

Spring Cleaning Checklist


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