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The Importance of Office Deep Cleaning

Regular office deep cleaning is just as important as regular spring cleanings are to the homes we live in.  Employees spend a lot of time at work and offices usually tend to be shared work spaces where germs can be easily transferred, so why wouldn’t you have them deep cleaned regularly?

JDK Cleaning offers existing customers the opportunity to have their offices deep cleaned as an additional service and they are currently offering all new commercial clients a free deep clean for all contracts over eight hours per week.  Click here for full details.

Deep Clean from Top to Bottom

JDK Cleaning’s approach to office deep cleaning is based on a top down approach. This includes high level cleaning via ladder work and ending in floor cleaning.  For example, we generally start with dusting and wiping light fixtures, ceiling corners and edges, fans, etc. Next, we carry out mid-level dusting and damp wiping of walls, mirrors, pictures and banners.

Then we clean touch points and horizontal surfaces using sanitising and disinfectant products.  We include a thorough and methodical sanitisation desks, tables, hard surface furniture as well as the washing of window blinds, shades, or partition glass, sanitising high touch point devices such as phones, keyboards and mice.

Kitchens and wash room areas are also completely deep cleaned using a similar top down approach, with toilets, sinks and appliances all thoroughly scrubbed and sanitised.

Our cleaning teams are trained to understand how to avoid cross-contamination by using colour codes cloths and mops.

Once all of this high and mid-level cleaning is complete, we start on the floors.  Carpets are cleaned using our state-of-the art steam extraction machine.  Floors are thoroughly dusted, mopped and/or vacuumed.  We also use disinfectant on specific flooring surfaces, particularly in kitchens and wash rooms.

Regularity of Office Deep Cleaning

We’re often asked by clients how often their offices should be deep cleaned.  The answer is as regular as your business calls for though there are several factors that will determine how often deep cleaning in your offices should be carried out.  These include:

  1. Foot Traffic: How many employees work in the office?  How many visitors do you have each day?  The more employees or visitors you have, then the more regular deep cleans will be required.

  2. Type Of Business: Are you a small business office with little to no visitor traffic or are you a large doctor’s surgery with a heavy rotation of sick patients entering and exiting on a daily basis?  Again, the latter would require more regular deep cleaning than the former.

  3. Seasons: Deep cleaning in an office environment should be carried out regularly during the cold and flu season.  In addition to coughs and colds, the winter also brings with it rain, snow, and muddy foot traffic which will generate the need for extra cleaning.

So, how often you deep clean your offices can depend on a combination of factors.  Many offices and other commercial business owners choose to have their offices deep cleaned on a quarterly or possibly bi-annual basis, whilst a busy doctor’s surgery will opt for a monthly deep clean.  Your commercial cleaning company should be able to offer realistic guidance according to your particular industry and type of premises.

JDK Cleaning – Deep Cleaning Specialists

The team at JDK Cleaning is highly experienced in deep cleaning programmes for offices, surgeries, retail outlets, hotels, and more.

If you’re not satisfied with the service offered by your commercial cleaning and you want to get your offices deep cleaned by experienced, professionals sign up for our free deep clean offer here  or call us on the number below for a quote:

Deep clean


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